June 11th Developer Stream - Highlights/Clips + Responses

Just like the past few weeks, here’s my recap from yesterday’s stream:

It’s a long one (32 min)…but at least that’s shorter than the 2.25hr stream they had.

Also, note that this one is basically audio-only. They had no gameplay this week.


Hey Delta, Chaps here.

Hey Shadowz, Ukon here.


The whole them not wanting to say they’re going to do x if you can’t drop x is fine but prior to dropping x there is gathering information about x, prototyping x, testing x, holding back because testing revealed some ugly bugs.
In short it’s both a fools choice and a failure of imagination to assume that there are only 2 choices for any given thing when in reality there are as many as a person of intelligence cares to search for.


It was exciting about the card drops too. I hope that it becomes as easy to get a green card on master as it is to get a legendary card on beginner :grin:

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Where in the timeline did they mention cards?

Roughly at 5:20 in the video is the beginning of the segment you’re looking for(if you haven’t checked yet).

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Why does the community have to break down clips rather than the dev team releasing a short surmise?

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They need to have you on period!

So apparently we should expect card drops to be fixed this week right? Like tomorrow?

No specific date was given. My inner pessimist expects an update delay to next or in two weeks because reasons.

I thought he said next week meaning this week.

He did. What I said above is just me not being very optimistic on the outlook for this update coming out this week given its lack of mention in TCs news update that only was shown on Twitter.

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What time does the stream usually start? I can’t find any information?

3pm PST (6pm EST)