June 10th Esports live

Does anyone know if this event will include the Syndrome skins?
On the 9th we just had Phantom and Emerald skins.


I want to know if there’s a eSports 10 Pack :raised_hands:

I believe @NL_Grexoz said no syndrome skins given out for this event,

Its likely going to be phantom and emerald skins again, just different weapons than today.

There was a steam today? What?

Didn’t see it advertised on the forum or Twitter…

To be honest, Esports Gears account did not cover anything about the LAN event so far, quite frustrating to see they show support and coverage for US LANs but not EU.

The last tweet about them about the event was yesterday. Aside that, there’s nothing.


That vague tweet with no time. Didn’t even get a notification about it despite following them and having notifications turned on. Really wanted that phantom gnasher :frowning_face:

Damn, thats ashame but If your looking to get other skins, then tomorrow’s stream begins at 10.30am BST. Don’t know what is that in your local time, perhaps google it :stuck_out_tongue:

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So no Syndrome skins tommorow?

Pretty much, so no syndrome skins tomorrow, just the old ones.

Wow. So are those all separate streams? Or one long one? I think it starts around 10.50am GMT+0 (London time). If my maths are correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah usually LAN streams are split over 2/3 days, Day one of Gears LAN was yesterday and Day 2 will be today. So now you’ll have at least some opportunity to get skins. :stuck_out_tongue:

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