June 1...2vs2 gnasher matchs today,will we be surprised or let down?

2vs2 matches today will it be a 2 map so so fest or a yes sir re bob fest? 3 mapper.can’t hurt to ask.

Not even sure if this is a coherent sentence…

I think TC may have final given up on GOW4,should we worry weather G5 will get given up on long before G6 comes out?

Gears 4 had support for around 2 and half years.

That’s pretty decent for a first outing when they clearly want 5 to be bigger and better in every way.

Where have you been living for the last few months? E3 is coming up in a few days, and while we don’t yet have a specified release date TC says Gears 5 is out in 2019, so it should only be a few more months until it arrives, and support, if you can call it that, totally and completely ended in March this year with the Gilded RAAM challenge announcement. The map/major content support ended in October 2017, if you recall. 2v2 maps can hardly really be called a “map” and those have been put up for free anyway.
You can’t say this game was “abandoned” long before Gears 5.

But the major part of the team was most likely shifted towards that game when major content support ended for 4 in 2017, with a small team left in charge of creating new skins for packs and events throughout (most of?) 2018, then those stopped coming(for the most part as far as event playlists go), and we didn’t really know if there were going to be new packs for a while(at that point in time when new packs stopped coming the remainder of the team was likely pulled towards Gears 5 development), then no more packs came at all for a while, until March where it was announced that there would not be any further Gear Packs for 4, basically ending any new ‘content’/skin support for 4(except for the challenges but I’m guessing TC has those skins finished by now and is just waiting to put up the next challenge).

At this point we’ll just see a couple of events make a return now and then until 5 is out and then the game’s probably done for anyway. But again, saying 4 was “abandoned” long before the release of 5 is just plain wrong. There may not have been much in the form or new content after October 2017 but there were still a couple of interesting roadmarks(for some, anyway… I couldn’t really do much with Locust/Swarm/Lambent characters) in 2017(possibly, don’t recall) and 2018 after that, like the Palace Guard and Lambent, and some new events being introduced during that period. At least try to get your facts right.