Jumped back into Gears Of War 4 last night... My thoughts

I was playing Gears of War 4 exclusively up until about 2 months ago when i finally made the switch to 5. Jumping back into 4 last night i was immediately thrown into a high level Diamond 5 to Onyx 3 match on Canals (KOTH). It really put into perspective how different these two games (G5 vs G4) play out. I may be in the minority here but i definitely prefer how Gears Of War 4 looks… Much better definition between the characters and the maps, I find it a lot easier to see the enemy and keep track of them in 4. In 5, the armor, the fluorescent packs, and overall color definition of the characters I find very dull. Yes some of the maps are shiny and sparkly in 5, but the color contrast to the dull enemies makes it still hard to spot people half the time. Asylum is a great example of this.

One big take away for me was how much faster G4 plays out. The movement and overall pace of the game feels very tight and connected to the hand. A lot quicker and lighter feeling. G5 to me feels heavy and slow. The actual look / turn sensitivity between the two games feels very different. G4 to me has a very linear curve while G5 feels like it’s progressive. It starts really fast than progressively slows. It may explain why i play on 30 look in 4 and 23 look in 5. Anything more in 5 and i feel like i begin to lack control.

And don’t even get me started on the maps :slight_smile: 4’s for the most part just play out a lot better.

One last thing i have noticed is i get a lot more packet loss in 5. The enemies (and even teammates) microstutter quite a bite (despite pings being low and my connection showing 0% packet loss when testing). I get very little if any of this in 4.

Anyways, Im curious what others think who have jumped back between the two after a given time.

I stopped playing 4 when 5 came out, then reinstalled it at the start of Operation 3, for an obvious reason I’ll get to in a minute, so despite I been playing it pretty much every other day for the past couple weeks, I still qualify for taking a break from it and coming back I guess.

I certainly agree with a lot of your points, I definitely still love the Black Steel skins. The movement and controls was very fluid for me, that’s because I played on Tournament Alt and found a similar layout on 5 by remapping on classic alt, the only thing that ever gets me on 4 is that I catch myself smashing LB to try and self-revive when it’s X, because that is the one button change on my 5 settings.

But yea I obviously reinstalled and went back (as implied with “start of Operation 3” because of Guardian. All my games have been sweaty games with Onyx players, but that’s because Gears 4 matchmaking and ranking actually worked… at least in comparison to 5, cause Onyx is where I was on 4… yet I have yet to get higher than Gold 2 (ignoring the Gridiron Masters glitch) on 5 lol.

My experience has been the same, anytime i play 4 its almost always a super sweaty match. In 5, im almost always teamed with what appears to be newer players. I also was a consistent Onyx 3 player in all the game modes i played in 4. In 5, i can’t break out of Gold despite playing well the majority of the time.

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Yep we’re soul mates lmao

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Played 4 a few weeks ago with some friends; wasn’t very fun matching with 200+ ping every game.

The gnasher felt okay; took a little to get back into that and after acclimating was smooth.

Overall, a nostalgic experience. Reminded me of the cool people I met on 4; but not a game I really will ever want to go back to.