July 7th Developer Stream Highlights - Operation 4 News

With Operation 4 just around the corner, TC is doing 1 stream per day for the rest of the week. Today’s stream was a pretty high-level look at what we can expect for Operation 4.

As usual, I skimmed through it and clipped out the important stuff.

Oh, and for those who want the more detailed answers, the full video can be found here:


May want to update the title… Today isn’t June 25. Though with everyone’s schedules getting screwed up due to Covid, it’s a miracle we can even keep up with what day of the week it is.

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Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Wait what?

Its July already? Man I gota lay off the peyote.


Eat more socks instead. Stick with cotton.


Thanks for that! I was playing Horde when the stream was live so didn’t watch it then.

It’s interesting that Dana said that “the vast majority of characters coming in to Op 4 will not be playable in PVE initially” and then later refers to one character having PVE abilities right now, so at least there’s something new for players to grind away at.

I agree that Paduk seems to be the most likely one purely because Paduk has been in the game in some shape and form since launch, so I suspect that Paduk’s Hero role is something that TC will have been working on quite a while ago and maybe was completed a while ago but just held back until now.

Just to add to this Gears 5 only has 1 Sniper class, which is crazy considering all the different classes in Gears 5, so Paduk makes sense because he’d definitely be a sniper. The question is “is he better than JD?”

Spoiler: he isn’t :joy:

Probably better than Fahz though :thinking:

Edit: JD will probably get another nerf.

It’s the logical role for Paduk.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be suprised if Paduk was a sniper with a small ‘s’, if you know what I mean? I’m just thinking that Paduk lore-wise seems to be a real UIR patriot-type who views UIR weapons to be superior, so it may be that this is worked into his Hero build so that he’s more effective using the Markza instead of the Longshot - hence what I meant by sniper with a small ‘s’ - Paduk could be some sort of a hybrid character combining sniping with something else. Looking at the other characters, I personally feel that there are no two Heroes who are remotely similar so I get the feeling that Paduk will be fairly different to Fahz.

Well of course he’s going to use the Markza my guy, wouldn’t make much sense for him to use anything else character wise.

The bigger question is what his ultimate would be… Sniper strike? :man_shrugging:

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I can see Dom being the hero in question, he appears to be the poster boy for the update, and is a bigger draw than Paduk.

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Yeah but his abilities and such wouldn’t add anything whereas Paduk would, nevermind that they pretty much had Paduk planned since long before launch in the first place.

Dom would probably be a tank, his ultimate would be something memento mori related if they were to do one, so his basic is already kinda taken by other characters and his ultimate is nothing special either.

I see Paduk as a really cool Sniper class, which again is only fulfilled by one other character (Fahz) so he’d be better.


I’m leaning towards Paduk

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For sure, but this could define and balance Paduk’s role in a really big way and mark him out to be a very different kind of a sniper comapred to Fahz. It’d be interesting because while the Markza is a precision rifle, I don’t see it as being a sniping weapon purely because of the range. I’d hope that Paduk still has some effectiveness with the Longshot so he can be another long-range killer. Otherwise if his Hero skillset is too focused on the Markza then will he really be able to keep up with other characters who mostly fight at mid-range?

Ultimate ability - well, the Sniper Strike is the logical choice seeing as it’s not in the game and had previously appeared in past games.

I always thought it would be cool if TC revamped the Sniper Strike so that when the ultimate is activated, the character throws a beacon grenade which lasts X number of seconds, and anything in the radius becomes a potential target for a sniper headshot. Shots are fired periodically every few seconds, and upgrading related skill cards can do things like increase the rate of fire, increase the radius etc. This could even enable the same target to be shot multiple times if they are the only enemy in the radius so could be used to kill a Warden or two. It’d be a nice twist to the random nature of the old Sniper Strikes and allows players to have some control over what enemies are targeted and can use it for crowd control on chokepoints.


Well unless they gave him bleed damage (which would be hilarious) him being weak against bullet sponges (aka bosses) could be mitigated by interesting synergies and some strong damage cards.

What I expect: Some basic precision rifle damage boost cards, some cards that give him some survivability, and I kinda think his unique cards will be anti-Deebee focused.

He could have an ability akin to vulnerability, where he ‘marks’ a target, then that target take more damage from incoming fire, that would work pretty well too but that makes more sense being a card not an ultimate.

He may have the HOD as his ultimate seeing as in the prelude act in gears 4 the cog stole it from the UIR… Perhaps its mortar strike also.

Thanks bchaps. Liked this amended stream as didn’t want to watch an hour. At least there will be one character for me to rank up and keep me entertained over the next Operation, especially if it’s a sniper class, assuming it’s Paduk.

Overall though, disappointed with the lack of content in this Operation as a PvE player.

Maybe he can call a couple of Nomad NPC’s to fight alongside him? If Baird can pull a DR1 out his ar$e then anything is possible!


Dom was a commando, he could easily end up being a scout or offense. It’d still make perfect sense.
He also has a sniper rifle in one of the images, which is making me wonder.

And as much as Paduk may make sense, it may come down to who’ll make more money. And I’d lean towards Dom.

I’d like to see the old increased damage spot from Gears 4 on either of them, and their Ult can be radar ping which applies it to most of the targets. I miss that.


Wouldn’t it be funny if you were all right but had things mixed up?