July 23rd Developer Stream Highlights - Ranked & PvP

With playlist changes and the new Ranked system launching recently, the community had quite a few questions. On this week’s stream, Dana is joined by Jonathan Taylor - the lead PVP Designer at The Coalition. He and Dana answer your questions about Ranked & MP.

As usual, I skimmed through it and clipped out the important stuff.
(warning, this is a long one)

Oh, and for those who want the more detailed answers, the full video can be found here:


Forgot this was on, thx. tbh im not even sure what day it is sometimes :woozy_face:

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The Rona seems to have that effect on people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very true, im a prime example👍

Thank you OP, very informative & well clipped vid. You saved me alot of time & your commentary was amusing & on point. Still hopeful the devs figure things out.

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I like how he said he’s really happy with the feed back they get yet THEY never really communicate anything on here to us, like the reup xp system rework and ppl r still waiting for them to update gears 4 so they can get the 2 weapon skin achievements

I do appreciate the fact that he said thx tho.:+1:

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So much lag in this game recently. I’m just about to quit this game and stop playing video games in general.

Xbox showcase was horrid.

It was really good, a lot of first and third party games.

Fable coming back, Halo shouldn’t have had that much screen time but it is what it is.

Played fable 3 thought it was garbage. Halo looked, sounded and played horrendous. Pop in, plastic looking weapons, horrible janky blocky textures, no blood. Gun sounds had no punch to them, Nothing new other than a grapple taken straight from doom.

The only games I enjoyed were grounded, and medium.

Can’t please everyone. :man_shrugging:

To each his own.

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Long story short, they aren’t going to change much. Of course not.

You know Chaps if your content was a bit more positive and upbeat then I would enjoy you’re content :slight_smile:

I mean, I do have some more positive stuff. But I’m really just being blunt/honest and speaking my mind. I’m not gonna put on a facade and pretend to be “super gassed” about every tiny announcement.
Gears has been going through a pretty dark time and has quite a few improvements needed.

I’d say that most of the stuff I do on the channel is feedback - here’s how I’d like to see the cosmetics system change, Here’s what I’d like to see in private matches.
I also have a large amount of objective-based stuff - here’s how control schemes work, here’s how Horde works.

When it comes to the “impressions” type stuff or me critiquing something, it’s hard to be up-beat though. I have a few discussions where I was certainly pleased with things. But overall, TC’s missed the mark on a lot of things. People need to hold them accountable.

I’m not trying to convince you that you should enjoy the stuff that I make - everyone has different tastes. I just wanted to explain why the channel has had more critiques ever since G5 launched.

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Pop ins are potentually due to it not being 100% finished? It’s still a few months from release as far as I’m aware(could be mistaken though).

Not entirely sure how to interpret plastic looking weapons, but 343 claimed to be going back to an older art style which it may be a result of… something I’m not really a big fan of, I quite liked the way things looked in 4/5(although not a fan of 5s story, which is a different matter). The weird textures you say are there could also be a result of this.

As for no blood, they already did that with Halo 5, apparently to push the game’s age rating down… which I kinda doubt really attracted many more younger players to the game. Not really a big deal to me but can see why it might not be favorable to others. Don’t see why it had to be toned down as Halo games were already not very explicit in their gore and only had blood come from enemies in the first place.

@BChaps Have you posted the discussion stream on here? I don’t recall seeing it but perhaps some would have interest in it if they haven’t searched the YouTube channel for that, if you haven’t.

I haven’t posted that.

I think there’s another one coming up next weekend (hopefully). So maybe leading up to that I’ll post a thread here - and like the last one as an example.

Demos are typically a few months behind what they are at this point in time. Added to that, graphical adjustments and textures are usually one of the last things a dev does on a game.

That’s typically because the older builds are more stable at that point. And whilst the pop in textures are an issue, I dont actually mind it in a demo, it shows the footage is real.

The art style I think is a valid criticism though, the phantom does look Legoy.

To be completely fair, I haven’t yet watched anything other than one or two trailers for Infinite and no gameplay stuff. So I don’t have a full idea of what it looks like. But I was skeptical hearing that 343 were going back to an older artstyle when most of the new things didn’t look bad(except the new Wraith in H5 which was just comical and looked as if it would topple over if someone gave it a good push from behind/underneath). Most new things weren’t that bad, like I was liking the new Forerunner asthetic n such. The Banished faction in Halo Wars 2 also has some interesting designs. Especially their Scarabs.

Not really here to discuss this though, not that I see much talk about the stream to begin with.

See, I’m kinda confused by Halo. This was MS’s first chance to show off gameplay on the console…and on arguably their most anticipated game.

I seriously would have made sure it was something that showed off the graphics and the power of the console. Even the person “playing” did the slow-pans that are usually done to show environments/graphics. On top of all of that, there was nothing said in the presentation about it not being finalized. Sure, 343 commented after the presentation and said that it wasn’t the final build. But that doesn’t imply that graphics will get better - and doesn’t explain why MS would have been okay with showing off something that looked like this.

The only explanation I can think of is that 343 is fully embracing the “older art style”…which is just less realistic looking.
Some of the promos & trailers looked really good - and Halo 4 & 5 did a great job with starting to make things look more realistic. The gameplay though…yeah, it looked like XB360 erra stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I hated it. This is supposed to be the big guns.either blow us away or delay it or something. What they prepared for us was awful presentation.

I dont think this is going to be the game where we see the next gen differences. After all, this game has been in development for a long time with Series X likely not to have been nailed down for a large portion of such, and 343 will not only be making conscious efforts to optimise Series X, but also the XO, two completely different machines.

Digital Foundry made a video that explains it quite well actually.

As much as I appreciate the consumer friendly approach from MS in not leaving people behind, it is going to hurt games for the next few years from Xbox Game Studios.

But yes, I do agree that a better trailer was needed, gameplay looked fine in my opinion. My major issues are more down to sound design and the art style on certain vehicles (phantom in particular).