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(JuicyTrash95535) #1

Hey Juicy Here hey is there a Specific date for Gearspop besides 2019?

(GhostofDelta2) #2

Not yet. A few locations have been able to have their residents test the game, but that is as far as it goes.

(AliceInChainsaw) #3

I’d let you know when I find out but I didn’t catch your name.

(DarkChaoz95) #4

Afraid not, I believe GearsPop soft launch is now but hard launch is uncertain.

(NUBinbound) #5

yeah it’s “soon” if you don’t like 2019

(JGrayBKK YT) #6

Soft Launch in Thailand Indonesia and Philippines

(MCSS Aerocoupe) #7

Xbox’s Facebook page posted a Funko stylization of Raam an hour or so ago. Maybe a sign the game is coming soon for everyone?