Judgement Sybarite

I’ve been acking for a fix for so long, Im at the point were Im willing to put money into the efforts of getting TC the 360 kit so they can put someone on it to make the fix. Not sure how easy it would be to just put everyone to 29 then next game unlocks it. But even if they just put it on a cycle of 30 different events would be fine too. Can this please happen TC? So many bad things get said to you guys and I wanna stay on your side and defend what your doing but not being about to unlock this really hits completionists hard. I wanna get a series completion in the Gears Franchise but with this being unobtainable it cant happen.

Not to mention Gears Prides itself on achievements being super grindy and shows you people that they have dedication to unlock them but not willing to fix one of them in Judgement?

That all being said, what can the community that wants it fixed do to help you guys help us? Im sad the only answer we have gotten is “We don’t have the resources to fix Sybarite”. Can we help you with the resources? Im sure if you give us a dollar amount we can pool a Go fund me or something.


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The person you tagged is gone. There are also no more fixes coming to anything and there never will be.

Can’t confirm but i’m guessing MS wants to drop any effort being put into previous generation games now that the focus is on series s/x development. They might not even have a 360 update approval protocol in place anymore.

Also, Gears 5 have some buggy achievements right now (progress stop counting for some players for the following achievements: Nothin’ but bits, Eyes on target, Covering fire, The centaur set and Seriously 5.0 - part 2).

TC didn’t acknowledge these problems, and for the moment there aren’t news about a last patch for the game involving fix for the achievements when this op finish and the game is on autopilot.

So if TC doesn’t care about fixing achievements for the main game (and that game isn’t dead), why should they bother trying to fix 1 achievement for a game they didn’t developed?

I understand your frustration, I’m still waiting news for the only unobtainable achievement on Gears UE PC, but if TC doesn’t care for fixing Gears 5 buggy achievements, I doubt they will fix achievements for the other games.

(I hope that there is a last patch for Gears 5 fixing more things than only achievements)

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I hope TC does something to fix this.

Although I don’t know how much tagging will do, TC barely post on here anymore after Shauny and Sera left.

And with the main person behind the fix stopping their focus on this achievement I doubt anything will get done, at least anytime soon.

No dedication to play it at launch though? What kinda backwards logic is that?

Oooooooor you could just move on and accept that it’s unobtainable now?

I imagine there has to be at least one. I know they can do a lot of stuff server side but still don’t think they could fully autopilot without at least one actual update.

Pretty sure the last few Operations have been a setup for setting the game on autopilot rather than them doing it all in one update at the end of Op 8.

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I’m only defending TC cause Gears is my favorite series of all time and even when they do a crappy job, I still wanna see the good in the game and love it for what it it even if it’s awful. I was stupid enough to get to 29/30 Events in Judgement even when playing the game at launch, cause I was thinking that whatever event they end on or a notice would be given about the events so I figured that that would be my last one. But unfourtnetly the current one is part of my 29. As for Gears 5 having glitchy achievements, I haven’t had any issues, but I know a few that have. I feel like they need to fix all of them like I mention it the Orginal Post. Hard achievements are what they are kinda known for and when they don’t work kinda makes it look bad and that’s why I think their should be some sort of fix. For me I have more money then time so wouldn’t mind putting in a go fund me so that’s why I brought that up, which I know some people would never go for.

Well, one out of two isn’t the worst possible outcome I guess…