Judge jury and executioner help

Can someone please help me figure out what I’m missing? I’m stuck at 94% but i did all the weapons, including the power weapons and the meatsheild. Thank you

A quick checklist -
Enfoucer…,.Markza…Boltok… Dropshot…Retro Lancer
Embar… Overkill…Longshot…Boomshot
Buzzkill…Mulcher…Salvo…Tri Shot
Bag and Tag…Knife kill…Curbstomp…beatdown

Oh. Knife. Thanks


Use https://xbltracker.com/ to see the specific executions your missing. I typed in your gamertag and apparently you are missing:

Meat Shield Execution

  • Pick up downed enemy with X and press up on the D-pad to attach a grenade to the enemy. Works with frag and shock grenades. Neck-snap also counts.


  • Executions performed from pulling enemy over cover or jumping into enemy from cover counts.

Was knife for me.

Good link. Apparently I’m missing the Overkill Execution. I was also missing the Meatshield Execution,which is crazy. That leads me to believe the achievement’s tracking of what you’ve already done before it was released isn’t entirely accurate.

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Some executions are retro-active, some are not.

But the tracker is reliable, did it myself this way and it popped right after I got the last checkmark.


Yes the Tracker is reliable, I was referring to what executions were retro-active.

To be honest, I couldn’t remember the term “retro-active” hence the big sentence :joy:

Try the Salvo that was my last one

Salvos gonna be the 1 for a lot of people I’m guessing. I think the only map that actually has it is Spyer. I might be wrong though

Thank you thank you…

I’m at 80% but the link you gave just shows a red x for every weapon?

You likely have your Xbox Live Privacy Settings set to Friends Only/No One for the Games and App history.


Thanks man

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No problem, glad to help.

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