Ju-just how does this happen

(SASxVEN0MZz) #1

So i’m playing dodge ball (As if being captain obvious wasn’t enough) and as you’ve probably seen I TAGGED A DEEBEE WITH A FLAME GRENADE. TC do deebee’s have special fire resistant armour cause I’ll start using them more if they do. Tagging a shepherd but it doesn’t kill him

(Stoic Slab) #2

Shouldn’t be, because steel types are vulnerable to fire types.


Wow…that was some first-class nerdom right there

(buscobuzzy) #4

That’s called TC programming at it’s best! That’s why they have not fixed server issues, sponging, and not to mention their so called QOS which benefits high ping players one of two reasons lazy or just can’t! If they could fix things like they talk and present things then this game would be flawless.

(Kypster28) #5

Must’ve used Flash Fire :smiley:

(Al Bundy 33hero) #6

I had this happen to me with a nade and was afraid to bring it up because people wouldn’t believe me. I tagged a swarm, he ran toward my teammate, nade exploded and no damage was taken by either. Was last month.

HELLO, TC, are you paying attention to any of this? Your fans are letting you know where the bugs lie but you guys guys seem entirely disconnected from your community. I could care less if you have a couple guys play on stream with fans, give us an actual tech who we can talk to. You may not realize it, but it will only help your game…

(ll R E D l) #7

You could have posted it a lot of us would have believed you as the nades are inconsistent. I was playing KOTH on blood drive with the ring on one of the balconies. I got downed with nades in my hand in the ring and 2 guys jumped in it I self destruct and guess what only 1 guy dies and it wasnt even the 1 closest to me

(VettleGT) #8

Wow! TC won’t respond because they don’t care anymore… this craps been going on but they never say anything.

(H9216M151) #9

TC’s d1k must be pretty mouthwatering because we are all still sucking it no matter what goes on with this game. Like just now the game can not even sync players. Mots of the times we play this game there is always something wrong, but thanks so much for the gorgeous d1k.

(Rundan) #10

You clearly missed. You’re just here seeking attention because you’re bad and can’t stand losing… Says way too many forum members.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #11

And I’ll add, “git good bro”

(SASxVEN0MZz) #12


(AliceInChainsaw) #13

Just ask the towers about fire resistance…


I do love that the DB came running after you while actively on fire, lol. Just the icing on the cake right there.

But in all seriousness, I’ve had lot of trouble with fire nades lately… throwing them at peoples knees and they just run through it when I’d normally expect them to die. I’ve started to even avoid using them to save myself the trouble… which I think is nonsense, but whaddya gonna do?

(SASxVEN0MZz) #14

Gears of war 5 Ice grenades confirmed lel:laughing:

(AliceInChainsaw) #15

Freeze bombs for the win!

(SASxVEN0MZz) #16

We might have caused a new weapon oh god


Looks like @AliceInChainsaw is back :rofl:
Haven’t seen you in a couple days

(Fishie flop oog) #18

Thing is you didnt tag em, you tagged the wall.
The grenade then has a delay on exploding setting em on fire but not enough to kill em.

(SASxVEN0MZz) #19

This is good joke

(Fishie flop oog) #20

Just watch in slomo, my bad.

You did ,tag em