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Joveus - A study of the Lambent, the Sires, the Locust and Myrrah - From Old Forum

While it’s fun to speculate, keep in mind there is no “truth “. The story, or canon if you will, is contradictory at times. Reason is it was written in pieces without a clear end in mind. Karen Travis is a great writer, but seems to love to leave speculation for readers by leaving gaps or little clues (sometimes at odds with other info). Makes for great reading and conversation, but ultimately it can be frustrating because it can’t be pieced together because it was never intended to be.

Whatever the storyline or outcome of Gears 5, be assured it will leave more questions than answers. Not sure who wrote the story for 5, but Rod has said on many occasions they don’t want to write themselves in a corner.


I read somewhere that Karen Travis has never actual played a GOW game and used/uses the art produced by Epic and TC as a basis of imagining the universe. I don’t know how true this is.

It’s true, I believe.

When she was first brought in to write, she was given concept art and artwork from the games and told to go crazy. I believe she even asked “okay, tell me about this and this and the world” and Epic kind of responded with “you tell us” etc

What, breeding camps have been retconned? :frowning: Why??
I mean, ok the Berserk rape being speculation, fine. But what was the problem with the breeding camps? I´ve never seen any backlash on them.

The breeding camps are still canon, the story moved in a direction where they just stopped talking about them.

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Ah ok. Well, as long as they still exist, I´m happy. :smiley:

Back when they were first done, there was some talk of them being too… out there and sexist. Karen Travis wasn’t a fan of them either, I believe. So they sort of don’t mention them a whole lot anymore, which sucks because Gears needs a bit more depth to its story.

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I actually don’t understand what exactly is supposed to be Sexist about them. I mean, they are a story tool. They are not gloryfied and there is no subliminal message, that says these things are great. It’s simply a part of the story and world of Gears.
Reminds me of the one time I read an article by someone, who was offended about Nazis doing Nazi stuff in Wolfenstein… Like, yeah, it’s set in a world ruled by Nazis. It’s only logical, what else would someone expect?

I will never understand how people can get upset about dark and disgusting things in fiction. I mean, don’t people want Storys to be dramatic and interesting? But I’m glad they are still there, just not mentioned anymore. Weird, but fine for me.


In gears 4 in the first act - coming through the hospital - Kait talks about the hospital and breeding camps when you find the collectibles.

So yea they are still mentioned just indirectly and apparently still active in the story line because the settlement was still being constructed in that scene.

The Maternity Annex is more of a legacy of the Birthing Farms rather than a direct continuation, if only presented in a more “palatable” way.

The latter forced many women to produce offspring through brutal circumstances under the guise of necessity for the survival of the species. The former on the other hand offers some greater liberty to those involved while accomplishing Jinn’s objective for a more perfect society.

Even so, they still carry some of the same baggage associated with the Birthing Farms - Kait’s disgust is understandable, not to mention the ethical implications around their “Design Your Baby” slogan.


Yeah, that was the impression I got. Some countries have introduced policies at various points in history to promote having more children to boost the population, usually after a major conflict. In many countries there was a “Baby Boom” following World War 2 for example. Obviously real life populations were not as critically low as on Sera, but there are similarities.

China’s one child rule was the opposite, until fairly recently when they realised the impact of having such a large ageing population and now are promoting their citizens to have more children (theres also the lopsided gender disparity as a result of the one child rule, but thats another matter altogether!)

On a side note, on the topic of the “Design Your Baby” poster, you also wonder if there is some additional backstory around diseases on Sera and whether Lambency had led to the human population experiencing an increase in children being born with certain diseases or long term health conditions? Perhaps thats partly a motivator?

That is probably the case, though I wouldn’t be surprised of the “Design” part is a little incentive to get folks to jump on board. Given the level of control they have, the COG can downplay any moral objections so as long as it gets people to do the things they want them to do.

I think the new book leaves some topics in this thread at an interesting point for Gears 5, no spoilers for those who have not read Ascendance, but some questions that I didn’t expect to be answered in 5 might be.


I remember this magnificent thread. I am NFI from the old forums, Joveus was my homie. I wonder how he’s doing,


Probably drinking some expensive coffee and is earning millions.

He deserved it for the effort put into those threads, no one does that anymore.


There’s still a lot of love and care that goes into some posts. But the nature of these forums is different from the Epic Forums. It’s hard to even find the Storyandlore category, for one thing.

BTW, what questions were answered in Ascendance? I read the book, but can’t think of anything in it that hinted at the Locust origins.

I won’t share them here, but there will be some interesting discussions on this matter popping up very soon.

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There wasn’t questions answered as such, but there are things that was set up in Ascendence that could potentially be explored in Gears 5.

It could end up being a red herring, and they may never be explored, but as it seems to be a novel that functioned as a “set-up” rather than an independent story as such, it would be wierd if those plot points didn’t come up in Gears 5.

I’m eagerly awaiting that.

Months ago, I wrote an outline for a video about the Locust origins. I was going to outline Joveus’ theory, and then explain all the counter-arguments, and then lay out all the evidence from the games. But Gears 5 is right around the corner now. And I’m glad I waited, rather than making that video right away.

Still going to make that video, though.