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Joveus - A study of the Lambent, the Sires, the Locust and Myrrah - From Old Forum

Does anyone think, that TC might retcon some of the origins of the Locust?
You can´t deny that Joveus theory is very consistent and backed-up by lots of evidence. And I think it is also the current canon story. But I´ve seen that there was (and maybe is) lots of dissatisfaction among the fans. I came to accept that the Locust are mutants that are barely 100 years old, but I would have liked them to be an ancient race that has developed over millions of years underground. Do you actually think, that TC might go and retcon these things in Gears 5 and give the Locust a new origin? I mean, after all, they will have to do something for the story to stay interesting. We know the origins of the Locust and since the Swarm is basically the revived Locust Horde, there is not much room to explore left. We also know about Myrrahs origins. The only thing left is, where did Reyna come from and what was her connection to Myrrah. But otherwise than that? I think the authors have written themselves in a corner with the mutant origin of the Locust and especially the ending of 3.


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how did you get access to the old forums?! :persevere:
Tried to get my old thread on my gears 5 theory because after the cutscene I realized I had pretty much called it right exactly. (just that Kait and JD were gonna have a falling out over the necklace, Kait mad because JD and/or Marcus rejoins the COG and Del sides with her looking for remaining Outsiders.
I don’t know, it was something of that nature. I swear I’m not making that up)

I kind of think that the Lambent were written out entirely. I mean there’s literally no mention of them. Not even in prologue, and when Marcus comments on the pods and vines he says "Never seen anything like it’…
uh…Marcus…you’re lying through your old man teeth or the Lambent are written out.
Seriously…monsters jumping out of glowing freaking pods?! Did I mention that some of them glow?
No evidence of Lambent anywhere in the entire game.

There are a few ways this can go:
The Swarm IS Lambency and TC didn’t want to draw parallels directly for a later - already obvious- reveal

The Lambent absence is a really big oversight
Hoffman and Marcus are senile or just outright lying.

Barry Allen **** up the timeline and the Lambent don’t exist anymore

The “Lambent Organism” is sentient, and when Adam’s machine went off it didn’t work and so the Lambent went dormant, including the cells in the Locust, in an act of self-preservation, and the Swarm are really just evolved Lambent. Also possible is that Myrrah’s rampage damaged it or delayed enough that it didn’t work, or that the Locust messed with it while Adam was locked up in his room. Dom did perceive that Myrrah was screwing with them when Delta was in that barge before it crashed. She was stalling maybe? Which makes me think that the machine didn’t go off in time.

Lastly, the Lambent DID die off, but the cells in the Locust were able to place them in suspended animation and cocoon them to preserve them as hosts, and a ‘strain’ of Lambency survived.

. Anvil Gate is an awesome novel, but MAN the Lambent in that game are WEIRD. It behaves really weird. It’s almost uncanny. I don’t want to spoil it in case you haven’t read it (best book in series IMO), but it acts like it has self-awareness at certain times, regarding the stalks

Seriously, Marcus? Seriously? “Never seen anything like it”? Uh…yeah, you frigging have! That line alone makes me feel worse than “Supreme Leader” Snoke getting sliced in half by a whiny Skywalker brat with a cheap blindside

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The only reason the Lambent weren’t mentioned simply means that TC haven’t found a use for them in the story yet. They may very well be brought up again in the future, but only if the writers can find a reason to make them worth mentioning. The Swarm are basically evolved Locust so it makes sense to bring them up (other than the fact that they were the chief antagonists for 4 games) but so far the Lambent have nothing to do with what is going right now.

Whether they become important again remains to be seen, but their absence isn’t evidence that they’ve been “written off.” After all, we just got a new comic series—under TC’s watch—that both heavily includes them and casually references their relationship with the Locust.

this was one of my favorite threads from the OLD EPIC forums such great discussions we had

IMO what is going on in Gears 4 is a evolved form of Lambency as illusoryMage has said , when Admas machine went off it "destroyed " the lambent cells present or so everyone thought ,the Lambency developed cocooned it self in the pods (you know those yellow crystals ) then mutated to create the swarm and the scions .

BTW this thread was never considered CANNON by EPIC (they did people were on the right track ) so if TC wants to change things they wont be really messing with the Cannon as we dont yet know the Origins of the Locust or Queen Myrrah 100% ,lets hope Gears 5 answers some if not all of these questions ,i for one am excited to be going back to New Hope maybe just maybe we will get the answers we seek

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lets get into the Disc Adam gave Baird for a second , what if on that disc were the plans for the DEEBEES ,as Adam knew that humanity would need help in fighting the Lambency ,so Adam developed a “SUPERSOLIDER” persay and put the plans on the disc and gave it Baird because he knew Baird would be able to use those plans and build the DEEBEES

The old forums were still active (in read-only mode) for a while after these new ones went up.
There was no way to navigate there…unless you had the direct link.

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I hope so, because while the theory works, it goes against the games’ own story-telling and lore.

The Locust were said to be in ancient Seran fairytales, depicting things like the Corpser, indicating a presence long, long before modern Seran society.

The Locust have a culture, language, an alphabet and religion, all in a society built underground that seems to have been around since forever.

The Locust Horde originally tamed beasts native to the planet for their war-effort, like the Brumak.

The Locust attack on E-Day was large enough in scale to where 25% of humanity was wiped out across the world in one day.

The Horde has enough in population size to suffer the Hammer Strikes that wiped out all life on the surface of Sera, the bombing of the Outer Hollows, the flooding of the Inner Hollows and various conflicts for the 14 years of the Locust-Human War.

The concept art of the Sires claimed them to be the “Neanderthals” to the Locust Horde, not direct decedents.

Apparently the Horde also waged a civil war with the Lambent, who have their own untold number of soldiers for a number of years, forcing the Horde to retreat from the Outer Hollows into the Inner and in desperation, attack the surface.

… yet the Locust are now mutated offspring from Sires, who are now themselves experiments of the COG, all within a timeline of about 80 years or so – which is ridiculous.

I can buy Myrrah being an experiment, the COG doing experiments on Sires and Humans, but I can’t understand how we can ignore the lore that indicates that the Locust were an ancient species already belonging to Sera for centuries.

TC need to make sure the Locust remain a species, monsters, rather than simply humans out for revenge. Humans mutated into monsters are a lot less interesting than outright monsters crawling out of the ground after years of being nothing but stories.


Answer one question then

How do the locust reproduce? Baird even comments that while in the hollow he sees no little grubs or anything that indicates they have offspring.

I’d rather they keep things ambiguous and instead throw out clues that suggest various explanations. Maybe drop a hint that gives credence that the Locust are indeed ancient while also providing evidence towards the contrary - it makes them more endearing and it for an all the more interesting conversation.

The only female locust that we know of are Berserkers

Then why didn’t Baird see a grubs baby when he was in the nexus in gears 2?

That has never truly been answered, only thing we know is males Rape the beserkers to mate

The reason Baird didn’t find any young Locust is simply just that: he didn’t see any during his trip into the hollow. It could have been that he was looking for them in the wrong place, or the best explanation is that they keep their young some place else.

On the other-hand, the “breed by rape” thing was speculation on Hoffman’s part rather than something that has been documented. He conjectured that since Berserkers are always in a very aggressive state, then the only way for males to sire offspring would be to subdue the female. If that’s the case, then it makes for a severe evolutionary disadvantage, especially considering that Berserkers are far less common than drones and, as would be the case with any species, makes it very difficult to propagate when there are far more males than females.

Back during Gears 1 and Gears 2, the official canon explanation according to Epic (more specifically Cliffy B) was that the Locust reproduced through rape due to the Berserkers’ violent rage.

Obviously as time went on, Epic distanced themselves from this, opting to instead retcon it into speculation on the COG’s part rather than fact. According to Cliffy B, he was in a dark period in his life when he envisioned the first Gears of War game.

Same thing happened to the breeding camps in the comics. As time went on, Epic opted to distance themselves from that idea due to backlash.

The original plans changed, each game had a new head-writer, who knows where Epic would have ultimately gone. I mean, Rod himself said they borrowed a lot of unused or planned concepts for Gears 4. They even mulled hte idea of having the game take place on another planet.

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Then all the canon books are wrong then. Imulsion makes you infertile. It was stated many times by many different people through out the series.

Even Marcus and Dom point out that the locust are under desperation and that’s why they are “processing” so many people.

The breeding a berzerker by rape thing doesn’t make sense anyway due to adam fenixs research. If imulsion sickness makes you infertile how did the locust reproduce?

Didn’t stop the mother Corpser from hatching a brood in the Deadlands, and like all Locust - humanoid or otherwise - they have significant amounts of imulsion in their bodies.

Then again, we should also consider where she is found: in a Savage Locust base. In fact, virtually all Beast Locust are in the presence of their masters. There are no feral Beast Locust, and those that are found in the wild are either full-on glowie or not a direct result of Locust engineering. This means that all Beast Locust can’t propagate without the assistance from their creators, making them completely dependent on the latter for survival, otherwise they would be doomed to extinction.

You see where I’m going with this.

Breeding camps during war times aren’t unheard of. While people think it’s not PC many civilizations through history did this to help boost numbers during wartime. Spartans were some of many and even the Nazi’s did it.

To say the COG did it during their century long conflict with the UIR then the Locust wouldn’t be something that surprised anyone unless they were genetically engineered like the locust.

The only way the locust grew in numbers so quickly would be one of 2 ways

Berserkers had litters instead of a single brood or twins and were also fertile quite often ( think of a pig - can have multiple litters with numerous offspring a few times a year)


The locust were somehow genetrically engineered from something or someone and very few of them had that knowledge.

I’ve considered all of that as well, I’m playing devil’s advocate to give the alternative its fair say. Whatever keeps the conversation going.

Oh yea I know what you mean.

That’s the only way to come to conclusions.