Joshua Ortega (Gears 6?)

Joshua Ortega, writer & co-director of Gears 2 – widely viewed as the best campaign in the series – looks to be returning to the franchise in some capacity!

Hello to some old faces, been a long, long time.


4 years, Crobos. Sheesh.

Welcome back :+1:.

And yes I saw this last week, it’s been great to see some polls and discussions about the original trilogy. There is hope yet for Gears of War.


I would also call in Karen Traviss, lets go out with a bang people!

She comes from Pompey, like me.

Locust Forever.


Think she’d retcon the choice at the end of 5 and have Kait die instead?

Now just waiting for someone to say “Bring back Cliffy B.”


Bring back PeteNub.

Only person that can save this franchise is




Remember playing against him when they added Execution back into Judgment, dude just does what he wants when it comes to weapon balance and maybe we need that again.

I would prefer Gears 6 opens with a shower/dream sequence (…it was all just the effect of a dodgy cheese sarnie b4 bed) and we forget all this silly bother with 4 and 5 :grin::+1::wink:

I think petenub understood on a fundamental level that a shooter should be about shooting your gun and not holding your shots.

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Joshua Ortega alongside Cliff Bleszinski, Chris Perna, Rod Fergusson, Lee Perry and John Wallin Liberto are the pillars of Gears (gears trilogy). Of course, there are lots of other talented folks at Epic Games who have equally had an impact on the game. But from a visual and gameplay standpoint, these guys always come to my mind first. Chris Perna is no longer with Epic Games. I think he runs his own studio. Cliff is available. John Wallin Liberto is working with drifter entertainment., i’m not sure about lee perry.

I see a great opportunity to hire them as consultants or outsource associated art directors or even associated concept artist and creative designer. Honestly, I feel that the more talented people help the project, the better the outcome would be.

new Joshua Ortega tweets :

new comic books? netflix gears series related?

update : it’s not related to gears of war

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H, W and L with a large circle… ‘HOWL’? As in, possible hint toward Major Howl which is an action comic hero in the form of a wolf and seems to be a favorite of Mac. You know, one of the three Hivebusters.


Maybe Marcus turns into a werewolf? It’ll upset most of the fans but I think itd be fun to watch them freak out. The Sonic fans went nuts when they introduced that werehog thing to one of the games. I cant imagine a different outcome if it happened to GOW too.

maybe it’s about mac’s father, Donald Macallister.

I played that game. Thought it was quite fun, to be honest. Interesting pace changes between the usual Sonic gameplay and a beat em up sort of thing.

I don’t think TC would pull that kind of joke on people, though. Gears fans often seem to lack a certain sense of humor.

A fun April Fool’s announcement would be sufficient for me. Idiots are my favourite chew-toy.

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Gears of War 2 was my favorite Campaign of the franchise so I’ll take it. Welcome back Joshua Ortega and let’s see Gears flourish.