Join the Incinerator Quinn Club!

Who else is a member of the club on here? Legit got it today on Ranked KOTH. Against a bunch of sweaty tryhards that just wouldn’t stop active lancering over all the place. Was a nice way of getting back at them despite losing both rounds. The recordin stopped just short of the Quinn ribbon showin up but you can see I got 5 guys just before the sniper pickup moved up the killfeed. Oh well! /humblebragginpost


Impressive sir. It’s always good to serve some payback every now & then.

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Nice! I love the obligatory ‘no no’ then pause while going to clip it. :smile:
I’ve only hit a few Quints but the other day I got two on a team of lancering tryhards who decided to troll and teabag after I devised ways to get around their lancer walls. For some reason, I become a much better player when fighting people who have given me a reason to dislike them.


You always play better when it becomes ‘personal’. Ive been on both ends of that lol.

I should have let a little more time roll before pausing the record, to let all the ribbons come up first. But yeah, really as much as it sounds like im bragging, I genuinely made this to see how many other people in here have gotten quinns on Forge and Forge Blitz with the incinerator (legit, of course). This is definitely up there with my best Gears kills, the other bein a mortar strike quinn on KOTH In Gears 2.

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I’ve never managed to get more than 3 on Forged. Yours is exceptional. Don’t worry about the brag. It doesn’t come off as such.

My most legendary Quint ever was a Guardian match in a tiebreaker round. Our leader just got steamrolled by their whole team and they were snubbing us down to do beat downs. They got me down… but not before I pulled out nades…
Detonated their whole team and the clip was beautiful because you could hear my teammates all rejoicing and laughing on the mic.


Congrats dude, wish I had recorded mine :cry:

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Ha, you can say they got cooked… Ha, ha… No one? Okay… I’ll leave myself out.


Nice clip. :+1:

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Those guys messed with the wrong dude… and got burned. Badly.