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(Ess Drilbit) #43

yo me moleste cuando cambiaron, el nombre del “el super” a “ojo de aguila”


There is yes problems in the weapons, even playing private weapon presents bug, the dedicated server needs to improve too

(AnnointedCase) #45

Bring out the Esports Supporter Pack 1 and 2 back and make it for longer than just 24 hours, and if not then make the content of the Esports Supporter Pack 1 and 2 Craftable so i can finally get the last 5 Emmisive Weapon skins i am missing as well as finally get Black Steel JD and Black Steel Del, which are the only 2 blacksteel characters i want but i can’t get them because of this limited time BS with the Esports ■■■■, i also would like to get ahold of Blacksteel Classic Dom, Blacksteel Classic Cole, and Blacksteel Classic Baird too eventually.

(AnnointedCase) #46

i would also like to state a fact that NO ONE wants a more PVP orientated game, unless your talking about call of duty, but for gears it should be more Campaign and Horde orientated, with 3/4’s of the achievements going to Horde then PVP and with maybe half a dozen PVP achievements and the rest Campaign achievements. so i am not liking what you fools are doing The Coalition trying to shove this PVP crap down our throats when i don’t even like PVP period. so PLEASE for Gears of War 5 please focus on the Horde Mode and Campaign like in Gears of War 3, and ACTUALLY have a Campaign DLC like Gears 3. i want more Horde Achievements not PVP achievements and i want less Inconcievable and Insane Horde achievements.

(Krylon Blue) #47

I’d rather have PvP over Horde and Campaign achievements because I find Horde to be extremely repetitive, time consuming and boring. Campaign is generally a one and done and the way they did Gears 4 achievements felt forced which was more frustrating given how bad the campaign was.

You’re entitled to your opinion but the way you coming off, whether intentional or not, is that you’re “speaking for everyone” which isn’t the case here.

(PowerSICK666) #48

the best thing is that from now on both gears 4 and 5 esports pack are as always but also as they did with the November 22 but now the characters are not so cheap but not so exaggeratedly expensive

(Bullitt 115) #49

I signed up when it first came out two years ago. I got error message and nothing.

(Fabjo06110) #50

Versus bots are they frozen ?

  • They don’t like to take the retro lancer and so there is no bayonet-charging for “Ole!” ribbon (the players too…all, they prefer the gnasher)
  • They don’t like hold a meatshield for “Negotiations over” ribbon (or is it just realising in pvp mode ?)
  • They don’t like rolling for the “Super” ribbon

I am very disapointed to have no lucky to realize these ribbons, also :

  • Too few Escalation (+ 40/60min of wait without created play room), Execution and 2v2 gnashers games. They do not exist for social quickplay, competitive warmup and co-op versus ai…so it is very difficult or impossible to get their ribbons.
    It would be better if we had an eye on the progress of the room creation
  • Too different pings and levels in pvp game : often I cannot hurt or kill before to be killed by one shot
  • Too few Core and Competitive modes, and, Social quickplay or Competitive warmup game don’t count for ranked stats : Therefore, it is very difficult or impossible to be ranked

…Versus mode is very boring for me.
It will be the same in Gears 5 ?

(AleBricks) #51

Why gearsmas 2018 oscar and the two elite uri helmetless guys are epic now?

(Opportun1ties) #52

I bought 5 gears pack I got 5 Gary Carmine, all I wanted was trashball drone it’s not fear!

(Nitewalkar) #53

Every game has issues. Nothing is perfect.

#1 Problem with GOW4 = Random Pack System

You randomized everything. Players have no control over their upgrades and customization. Skill is irrelevant when looking to unlock something. The scrap system is based off the packs so it is inherently broken as well.

Recent example. 10,000 coins to Theron Packs. Unlock 1 new character. Get 3 other doubles. No Legendary anything. Packs 4 and 5 when opened were entirely doubles. Took time and skill to earn those coins. Spent them all on the feature pack. Wasted.
Fast forward 3 hours, 10 year old son logs on, plays for an hour ends up with enough for one pack… Helmetless Theron and some E-Day Cog in 1 pack.

Clearly awesome system…

(Gto57) #54

For my part. If there is one thing that I do not understand and that I do not appreciate, it is: why want to increase the table of the damage of the weapons but not to reduce it and to reduce the speed of displacements (roulades, jumps pass-walls , fatalities, with a knife or chainsaw)?

Damage as high network does not provide as many exchanges of fire or hand-to-hand. Dodge moves are halved. During the assault, a 50% bullet “destructor” is enough to interrupt and corrupt the action. In this situation, during the escape, even if we increase the distance that separates us by making a roll back, the damage at a distance (up to 7 meters) is as dangerous as the body, the 2nd bullet of the "destructor "will put me to the ground. The instinctive survival action is corrupted because in dodge moves, I take the balls before or during my movement. This is caused by the delay, once locked in the viewfinder, I am self-locked, and this is clearly visible.

Those who generate in the objective games (KOTH, annexation), an inadequate confrontation. Multiplied by 2 or 3 these damages. If you do the math: Example:

  • The lanzor: 11 or 12 shots to land on a magazine of 45 balls divided by 3 = 4 shots.

In such configurations, it is important to recognize these factors, as the goal in this kind of goal-oriented game is not to reach the combat zone and compete for it.

(Duffman GB) #55

I like to think you meant to type fear, as in that is what one feels when buying or unlocking Gearpacks :wink:

(DJ NME) #56

I said pretty much exactly this in another post. Mainly against how the “get 9000 kills” achievement is ruining tge game because it changes how people play… In a bad way. Then the backlash of comments i get from the wet fannels on this forum that just saw “hes moaning about people taking downs”
Not what i was getting at, at all.