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(Ess Drilbit) #43

yo me moleste cuando cambiaron, el nombre del “el super” a “ojo de aguila”


There is yes problems in the weapons, even playing private weapon presents bug, the dedicated server needs to improve too

(AnnointedCase) #45

Bring out the Esports Supporter Pack 1 and 2 back and make it for longer than just 24 hours, and if not then make the content of the Esports Supporter Pack 1 and 2 Craftable so i can finally get the last 5 Emmisive Weapon skins i am missing as well as finally get Black Steel JD and Black Steel Del, which are the only 2 blacksteel characters i want but i can’t get them because of this limited time BS with the Esports ■■■■, i also would like to get ahold of Blacksteel Classic Dom, Blacksteel Classic Cole, and Blacksteel Classic Baird too eventually.

(AnnointedCase) #46

i would also like to state a fact that NO ONE wants a more PVP orientated game, unless your talking about call of duty, but for gears it should be more Campaign and Horde orientated, with 3/4’s of the achievements going to Horde then PVP and with maybe half a dozen PVP achievements and the rest Campaign achievements. so i am not liking what you fools are doing The Coalition trying to shove this PVP crap down our throats when i don’t even like PVP period. so PLEASE for Gears of War 5 please focus on the Horde Mode and Campaign like in Gears of War 3, and ACTUALLY have a Campaign DLC like Gears 3. i want more Horde Achievements not PVP achievements and i want less Inconcievable and Insane Horde achievements.

(Krylon Blue) #47

I’d rather have PvP over Horde and Campaign achievements because I find Horde to be extremely repetitive, time consuming and boring. Campaign is generally a one and done and the way they did Gears 4 achievements felt forced which was more frustrating given how bad the campaign was.

You’re entitled to your opinion but the way you coming off, whether intentional or not, is that you’re “speaking for everyone” which isn’t the case here.

(PowerSICK666) #48

the best thing is that from now on both gears 4 and 5 esports pack are as always but also as they did with the November 22 but now the characters are not so cheap but not so exaggeratedly expensive

(Bullitt 115) #49

I signed up when it first came out two years ago. I got error message and nothing.