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(Sgt Snoke Em) #21

here’s my feed back…


(Duffman GB) #22

Only ever had 2 surveys, after opting in from the beginning, the last one coming well over a year ago.
The way TC announced the program, it initially sounded like we would have far more involvement. Such a shame they never gave it a chance. Maybe with Gears 5.

(HUG3 N3WB) #23

It sounds like they didn’t like the answers they received so they stopped sending them out.

Easier to ignore the myriad of issues with the game that way right?

(Sgt Snoke Em) #24

Its also easier to censor people for outing you for not doing your job than it is to… Oh I don’t know… DO YOUR JOB!

(HuNgRyDaMa84) #25

OK, I have a good idea . Introducing the blood moon Imago like reaper… It’s not a good idea?

(Slipping Flames) #27

I think there were three surveys total. Always interesting in what was chosen to be on there.

As always, they aren’t supposed to be discussed.

(Gto57) #28

Duels of “Gnasher” / Weapons. Blind, cover and snapshots are integral parts of the “Gears of War” engine. It offers violent fights based on the speed of movement and the brutality of weapons and their devastating effects. But all these fights remain based on unstable factors, which give rise to visual and virtual double-edged reactivities that make certain actions such as “reflex shots” or “shots of reactions”, or even shots under cover, in out of race, cover or landing a jump or a roll (Dodge moves that are still too slow in my opinion) too different, and therefore an unstable engine speed, sometimes defying any logic due to the network, as it makes a game engine and gameplay uncommon and stable for each game and game. The connection (speed, type, ping) makes these combat ploys ineffective because the interactions are late. When the latency of the network is very high or bandwidth is too low, the result of these actions is clearly visible: examples: Double KO (“Gnasher against” Gnasher "or against a chainsaw), fighting chainsaws, duels to get up faster, restore health, instant shots after a “wallbounce” … Even if the compensation of the “lag” has an influence, the office equipment used, him too: Via a graphical response time different (screen resolution, hardware (RAM bar, graphics card, processor better or adapt) that causes differences in combativeness on the interrupts that respond more quickly when it is executed and the effects of arming ( rate of fire and impact received), clearly visible when activating the “crossplay.” Not having optical fiber, and a powerful connection, the fighting seems to be very irregular from one part to the other. Another, because to face an opponent who inflicts 50% of damage of a ball of “Gnasher” to 5 meters without flash refill, to counter by my ghostly balls in reloading flash, it seems to me clearly unequal. Even if the “Competitive Beta 2.8” version seems to match you, the “Gnasher” damage table would be too high for distance, at close range because this devastating firepower offers very poor duels in precision and leaves few places in the exchange of fire but gives the advantage to the one who remains behind a wall or low wall, because in this version, aiming over a wall has been accelerated, but to flush out, nothing.

(Gto57) #29

For this part you can add as proof the delay of the phases of interaction and activation of weapons or their effects such as cooling, tension, detonation or motorized mechanism such as the good old “Lanzor”. But here we are facing certain interractions in 2 steps example:

  • the activation of the chainsaw of the “lanzor”, which is in 2 phases: “click” setting + “prolonged click” activation;
    Under certain conditions due to network and computer performance, these phases are sometimes out of step. We can also see this phenomenon with explosive weapons, which have a variable visual delay, sound and their effects (impact> detonation> explosion> explosion radius). So over a distance that separates opponents using tension weapons like “Torque Bow” or detonation like the “dropshot”, large nuances of interrelated delays can be visible. As between the impact and the explosion, between the explosion detonation and the explosion of an explosive device, which allows or not to escape its effect. If we can observe this nuance during network games, this delay between impact and explosion, it means that we can prove the same latency for explosions grenades, their throws or the wall pose. As a result, certain interruptions such as chainsaw battles or the display of the “against” button on the screen to counter a wall-pass must be impacted. This generates a lot of topics and lively discussions around the results of the fighting.

(Royce Batty) #30

Yeah… Never gotten a survey… Ever… :smiley:

(Gto57) #31

Hi TC, this may have already been asked several times, these are some suggestions;

*In horde for example:

  • Added one or two card slots “horde skills”, for a better mode attraction thanks to the possibility of using different cards for less strict combinations.
  • Creation of new “horde skill” cards, “general skill” category for the pistol + 120% damage of the short pistol “Snub”

For the “Scout” class skill (only):

  • Make the ability to “pick up energy” active when it is put on the ground

For the Engineer or all :

  • Add in the fabricator, the construction of a destructible “small wall”, and corresponding “general skills or engineers” cards (ex constrution cost) to give additional coverage, other than the fabricator.

*In general, any mode confused:

  • Give the opportunity to consume 2 cards “bonuses simultaneously, either 2 cards” common premium ", rare or both.

(Gto57) #32

New suggestions for Horde Class Skills:

In the absence of a “doctor” class, some cards would be better suited to “general competence” than predifined;

*Default health, that is to say, health too low, defense to explosions too weak or regeneration too slow for certain classes, for example the following “horde” cards should be classified in “skills” "general:

  • Rage (20% of damage done to melee and shotgun is converted to health)
  • Castaneur (+ 225% melee damage, 55% melee damage reduction)

*By default of displacement; Only the “Scout” class has a “speed bonus” card.

*Damage default, some horde phases become difficult in the absence of skill cards that provide additional damage to standard rifles such as shotguns, assault rifles and even pistols.

*If there is no damage for “standard” weapons, the same is true for ammunition capacity on landing.

But this requires the creation of new cards, redefining specific skills in general, and only the creation of new locations can create a dynamic mode.

(SaSuKe One) #34

100% of 4shots does nothing to the enemy players these days,they have Gnasher proof vests on or somethin. And we have given u 1000s of feedback,and all we hear is the feedback of our own eccos.
And no answers.

We that play this game a lot are the best testers of your game,and woud make sense 2 answer them?
Or am i CraZy to think that?
I have a feeeeling that the next EA kind of boycott,is going to be you. Im sorry to break it to you.

(Capta1nMorgan01) #35

Whoever is in charge for making the achievements either needs a demotion or a swift kick in the nuts. I beat the campaign on insane by myself, then y’all decide to make like 5 new achievements for that? Fugg that. Plus all the multiplayer achievements are a terrible idea. You’re killing the fun of playing and turning it into a chore.

(Long Live God) #36

This Game is probably the worst it can be since Gears of war judgment, ive played the game to extent where i was diamond in exc
My ping is on 5 everytime but for some odd reason whenever i shoot someone in the chest i get 11 % when the other guys just instantly kills me in one shot same distance. I took time out of my day to write this because the shotgun is the dumbest most in-consist gun in this game i want you guys to know that you’re doing a terrible job with that gun, please go back to the way it was. #make gears great again

(DkN Capps) #37

sarcasm off. Is this feedback usefull or listened. season 5 is probably the most problematic…


what’s up, I want to understand why the multiplayer of Gears of War is very different to other games? For example I am from Latin America, Brazil and have played gears for a long time since their predecessors, and always the same problem. I play Warface from here in Brazil and the closest server is in miami, I get a maximum of 150 ping, I have no lag and the weapons damage works correctly. Now when talking about Gears of War I can have the ping lower or higher than the damage of the weapons always presents problems


Problem of weapon damage must be solved, to eliminate an opponent with gnasher to 1 meter of distance it takes 2 shots, then it has to be 2 shots, to eminate an oponete to burn clothes it takes 1 shot, then it has to be 1 shot. Something that unfortunately does not happen and also players with high latency should be removed from the matches for better quality online


Personally we are going to hit gears 5, because just like the ranking system that presents problems, we must prevent players with high latency affect the quality of matches, damage problems need to be corrected, for example if I miss my moves and shots in an opponent, I would not be here in the complaining program because it would be my mistake, but I did not miss my moves and hit the shots and even then being punished is unacceptable.

I realize that there are new players coming and many others leaving the gears because of these problems, I want to be able to play a fair game, a game that works, a game that really wins who is more skillful, who has the best tactic because currently I am skillful and performing a good tactic with my team is not enough, because there are matches that the opponents do not need tactics, they come with total fury from their respaw to ours without minding damages and dominate the match because the injustice of the damage does not work correctly

(Ess Drilbit) #41

soy nuevo en esto, asi que ¿algun consejo amigos?. Yo sigo a gears of war desde el primer volumen que sacaron y sigo emocionado como el dia que compre mi primer gears of war!

(Ess Drilbit) #42

el problema mas frecuente es el lac, yo no he tenido problemas con las armas. pero en el 4 no se nota tanto el lag, pero algo que es cierto que hay jugadores indeseables