Join the Gears Feedback Program - Help Us Make The Best Game Possible!

(TC Vectes) #1

The Gears Feedback Program is an opt-in program that provides fans the opportunity to provide their feedback directly to The Coalition. The goal of the program is to get better insights from our players, and factor the feedback we receive into the development of our games.

By signing up, you’ll occasionally receive emails asking about your gaming habits and your unique perspective on Gears of War. In most cases, it’ll be a short survey, but we may ask you to take part in Skype interviews or live playtests. Every request you receive is optional - if you don’t want to answer a particular survey or feedback request, that’s totally fine!

You can find out more about the program and opt in here:

Note: As always, your feedback right here on the forums will continue to be read and factored into the development - this is another way to provide your feedback that involves more detail and specific questions from the development team, rather than more open general discussions with other fans. Both forms of feedback are incredibly valuable to us, and we encourage you to continue providing feedback on our forums as well as the GFP.

(TC Octus) #2

(HUG3 N3WB) #3

I have a question.

Say for instance you guys add an option to the survey that you don’t want to implement but had as part of the survey for the sake of completeness… It gets the highest vote out of all the other options by far.

Would you implement it?

I’m just curious as to how much influence we have when filling in the surveys.


(DoveRainsBlood) #4

I did, I think I received one survey ever. I may be wrong, I stopped checking after a while.

(Ektope) #5

I never, ever received a Survey.
But I’ll still check to see if I ever get one.

(DoveRainsBlood) #6

Apparently some ended up in people’s junk folders, so remember to check there. That’s where I forgot to keep looking so I’m not sure.

(Soul Aeonz) #7

@TC_Vectes I’m in

(TGLT Clutch) #8

I joined this program but I haven’t gotten a single survey for more than a year.

(DarkChaoz95) #9

Has surveys been sent out in the last couple of months? Because I don’t think I have received any since 2017.

(xCZxShaKax) #10

A survey never came to my mail

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #11

I signed up before and think i only ever got 1 survey

(Speeky v) #12

Que weas es esto:v Saludos.

(baconman886) #13

I’ve gotten two surveys. But they were at totally random times. I thought I remember TC saying every month or every other month we’d see a new survey. That is a good idea. Or I’d suggest taking tips from Microsoft’s Halo Feedback Program. That survey is usually pretty well done.

(Macabre Masque) #14

Opted in. Love to see programs like this. In my opinion the you guys already do a much better job at communicating a road map than most other triple A developers. This program is yet another step in the right direction. Well done.

(presc1ence) #15

Great to have this survey, but not very useful if you stop sending them out to people who don’t give you the right answers.
Case in point, got 1st survey, said no to all lootboxes, identified that I’m mot a whale…boom no more surveys.
No its not in junk TC. You haven’t sent it.

(DrazaTech) #16

Yea I haven’t gotten anymore surveys besides the first initial 2.

(Phaaze) #17

I have gotten probably one survey a few months after the game came out.

Can’t really make this the best game possible if you don’t send out surveys let alone let our concerns fall on deaf ears (or I guess blind eyes) when the community posts concerns on the forum. There’s a ton of stuff we’d all like to say.

(soulcalibr) #18

We’ve been telling you here on the forums how to make Gears better, yet no fixes. Fixing hit detection alone would solve 1/2 the forum complains yet TC turns the blind eye to the issues.
I was part of the original wave of invites to the feedback program and still have the confirmation email in my inbox, yet I have received ZERO surveys.

(LSx Awakened) #19

i was able to get one achievement from the june update before the trackers stopped working. any fix for this?

(TwistedRiott) #20

Funny how TC makes a topic for this and doesn’t listen to the players. Instead of making it the best game possible you have just about destroyed it just like Obama’s 8 year run.

Great job Genius.