Join my NEW Gears 5 eSports team to get Wyvern skin! (Retired!)

Eating then prob back on

You’re always eating

K let me hook up the feeding tube so that my need for caloric and nutritional sustenance doesn’t delay your KOTH.

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Yeah just started a match but I’ll be on for a bit

I would be down to join but it’s honestly really hard to care about this games PvP anymore.

Gridiron is a ton of fun.

But the secret is:

Team up with funny people.


I have played gridiron and it’s fun. But ranked is always a nightmare for me. My team just feeds/quits. I can’t join up with people cause every looking for group post is “OnYx AnD uP PlAyErS OnLy” or something like that even though the rank system/matchmaking is extremely broken anyway. I’ve already given up on the gears competitive scene(and so has TC) so I scratch my comp itch In other games.

Fair enough

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Come on guys. I took out 4 of them. You couldn’t handle the one measly guy? Laaaaaaaaaaaaame

Must suck to only have clips where you die in the end. That’s why you’ll never be on an eSports team.


Is anyone down to do this again? That skin is gorgeous.


And of course anyone else interested.

Let me know

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I’m down. I think you may be able to send a request to join mark’s team and we can party up. I’m working today so give me lead time.

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Oh so Mark still has an active team? Ok

Yeah. We’re leaving the team up on the tournament site so we are counted for the wyvern skin.

The skin is supposed to be awarded on after April 28.

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I’m down

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Hi @Link23809

I tried to join on Mark’s team however if you are located on US I’m not able to join in due of regional policy’s that Microsoft has…

however if It was for me of course Ill join in your team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh damn that sucks. Sorry bro

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Ok I’ll join it. So does that mean we don’t necessarily have to play? I would be down to play too.

Lmao at the team name. @Mark36111 request sent

I think you have to play at least one match. Each match results (players, win-loss) is recorded.