Join my NEW Gears 5 eSports team to get Wyvern skin! (Retired!)

That gotta be a lame af party without me

GGs to Ryan Cleven Fan Club.

Retirement party when?

@SM0KIN_D4BS was number 5

And clown…the party was lit af. You missed it.


Next time we need our own wifi warrior with the microwave on to balance out the other teams guy jumping from 125 to 500


Hey I’m satisfied since I’m the only one who pulled off a round-winning Batista Flop

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Never had so much fun losing so thanks for the laughs guys


That’s usually how my matches go. Collapsing in a fit of laughter win or lose. That’s why I even play this game :slightly_smiling_face: a pleasure losing with you gentlemen

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Quote of the game:

@ll_R_E_D_l revives me and immediately yells “What? I don’t want the flag!”


There’s a McDonald’s two miles from me that I can steal some wi-fi from through my phone and hotspot to my Xbox (where the wifi adapter has been replaced with a burnt grilled cheese sandwich), which should replicate dude’s connection.


I love how its the dude with the unstable connection talking $hit.

There should b a rule that if you cant hold a stable connection you shouldnt be able to participate in these tournaments

@Nineteenth_Hour I probably should of picked up the flag more seeing as I was the only 1 with a touchdown that match lol

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I said we should of had you as the “coach” lol

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LuL they weren’t even playing with their actual roster.

what was their team name?

No lie. Im jelly that I missed this…


It was hilarious but so bad

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So they didnt have their listed team playing NICE

That’s why I was yelling at you “I’m going to rush the flag, pick me up if I go down” and you did. Good man.

The 1st round on Exhibit I accidentally muted myself and was wondering why no one was listening to me lol

@Mark36111 @ll_R_E_D_l @SM0KIN_D4BS @AkimboLeadPipes @Nineteenth_Hour
Any of yall still on? Im gonna run some koth for the next hour or so