Join my NEW Gears 5 eSports team to get Wyvern skin! (Retired!)


I need four people to join my team and play one ladder game with me so that we can get the Wyvern Lancer skin! I don’t care about winning at all, and I only want to play one match ASAP in the eSports Gridiron ladder system so that I/we can get the skin. If you have similar interests, here is the link to my team!

Here is the link for the info on the Gridiron ladder:

Here is the skin!!!


Current Roster:



Wyverns cannot breathe fire, so this skin is already inaccurate and I don’t want it.


Get out of my EGAMING thread then fkr!!!


When is all this going down???

yeah i have the same quesiton man , when are you playing ?

As soon as I get enough people in the team and we can coordinate a game.


sounds great man count me in . :slight_smile:

Sign up in the system and join.


You can not join “Ryan Cleven Fan Club” because this team is from a different region (North America). You can only join a team from your own region (Latin America).

it didn’t allow me because I’m mexican shiettt hahahahahaha

Honestly this Wyvern skin doesn’t look all that great compared to my ECLIPSE skin.

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With skins it is all about uniqueness. Eclipse will be in the store forever.


im sorry man … :slightly_smiling_face: I wanted to join but the system you know how it is ahahahaha

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Eclipse is nice to stare at in menus, but doesn’t look that good in game. You need the wyvern skin tbh.

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I got the chrome steel freedom lancer @Mark36111 that actually looks great in game.

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I joined your team. Let me know when the match is.

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How many players do we need before playing a match