Johnny Cog Gear Skin

Johnny Cog Gear " It’s Johnny " is now available to purchase directly from the Gears of War Store.

This is for a great cause, not all of us are fortunate to be able to play video games, let’s show some support!


For those who can’t watch the video:

Johnny COG is based on a real person who goes by Johnny Quad who is a paraplegic gamer.

Proceeds go to Gamers Outreach which is a charity that provides young hospital patients with consoles and games.

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Not really sure about It’s Johnny. I would have instantly bought up a Vermelo version of chrome steel, but this is pretty meh.

Was there anything changed about the model?

Not sure. I have to re-watch the reveal videos. Going to buy it soon.


Unless made with the person’s own input, they should make the charity item different and unique. So people are more likely to buy.

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They made it with his input. It was his idea.

Yea in which that’s cool.

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Looks like it is pretty different. The legs have a cool party confetti pattern but the armor itself is black and silver like Onyx Guard. Dope.

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I think the model is identical, not even like Anthony/COG Gear in 4 where they had different pouches.

The black is cool but it just makes me wish we had the Onyx Guard. And the confetti is cool but I wouldn’t spend $10 on this skin if it wasn’t attached to a charity.

And I still wouldn’t even though it is.

I purchased it because it’s going to a good cause. :blush:


Purchased ,very happy that the money is going to a good cause

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