John Dimaggio says Gears 5 releases on September 4th

Just thought I would ley you guys know :wink: (if it’s not old news…)

I wonder if this will be confirmed at E3?
He also says Marcus becomes more ‘fatherly’ in this game… (1:20)

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I’m not sure if this qualifies as official information, if it doesn’t the thread doesn’t comply with forum rules - but I have not been able to watch the video because I’m on cellular right now.

Though Marcus becoming more ‘fatherly’ could hint at two things :
•Either he turns to a more fatherly role for JD, with both of them wanting to make up for the years spent apart because of their fractured relationship
•Or he becomes a bit of a fatherly figure for Kait, they don’t seem to be getting along very badly in the Gears 5 trailer and he immediately shows himself supportive of her when she shows everyone her necklace, and while there were some… disagreements between them in 4 I’m pretty sure Marcus understood why she was acting a bit impolite and didn’t hold it on her.

Well, or both things are the case.

There was also another video where he said dont listen to him after this

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Please don’t post unofficial information we will find out this sunday when it will be released anyways.

I would also think that pre-orders will go live after E3 showing.
I hope we get a XB1X exclusive console up for pre-order as well. Last time they advertised the pads first of course. Which I duly ordered.

They seem to do One S’s as SE.

I hope the One X gets one as this game is 4K 60Hz all modes.

I’ll buy another if it’s nice.

The Halo 4 360 is still my favourite to this day.

My fav custom of all time is the Gears 3 one. mine still looks utterly “Destroyed Beauty” :wink:


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More fatherly? that sounds gross

Idk, I just never liked it - looked a little cheap an tacky, fan made almost.

But I’m sure it has its fans.

Maybe because Blue is my favourite colour I like this more:

It had been nearly a week since the thread had any posts. Why bump it to the top to increase its visibility and get further posts? Since the mods didn’t close / hide it, would’ve been better to just leave it way down the list.

why speculate and or even take rumors with a grain of salt? just wait a week a find out when the real date is. are you going to get a heads start over someone else by knowing this information?

I needed to know everything like yesterday.

Waiting a few more days is painful.


And it hurts even more knowing it will still be months until the actual release. I want to know more but at the same time I want to avoid spoilers where possible… it’s a conflicting desire to have when you have no clue what they will show at E3.

I want to know everything but anything to do with Campaign/Story.

But I know they will show Gameplay from a select chapter but that’s ok because it will mostly be spoiler free and perhaps showing off some new tech and physics.

The real juicy reveal will be in July for the MP as that’s technically what I’ll be playing the most.

I would also like to know more about the game and it’s features, especially on the PC side of things.

Finally, i would like to know the UI and makeup of the game.

How the inventory will look, will there be Packs or content in a different way, is there a Season Pass?

And so on.

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it got bumped because someone posted on it. If you look at any of his other twitter post he says dont believe what I said

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MP will come in July but I have a feeling we’ll get a taste of a NEW mode in less than a weeks time

I don’t want anything new.

I want the same.

Yeah, that sounds good.
I kinda wish I was able to get a top spec PC for Gears 5 but I don’t even know if they work with big screens like the 4k TV I have in my bedroom, and my saved up pocket money would also take quite a hit from it… so I have to be content with my X. But it should look good enough on there to satisfy my needs.

You can indeed plug in a PC to any TV.

But, running 4K at the moment on PC is ridiculously hard and costs several thousands.

The sweet spot for many is 2K 144Hz.

That’s achievable in $2-$3K.


The One X will be ok :+1:

My eyes may not be trained enough but I can’t seem to spot the difference between anything higher than 75 hz which is more or less the highest framerate I have played at on my current PC(I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, runs most games pretty smoothly at 1080p 60). Don’t know all of the exact specs for it since I’m not actually that much into PC stuff right now. I checked some things on it so I know it has a Nvidia GTX 960 as graphics card and some intel core but I forgot which one specifically.