Job well done Coalition! **MY CAMPAIGN REACTION NO SPOILERS**

Sorry mate,won’t happen again.I’ts 5:30 in the morning for me😂

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Have a coffee bud :stuck_out_tongue:

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These forums are so addictive,just can’t get enough🤣

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Yes. I feel they have dipped their toe and in 6 it will be more expansive.

Have to give huge credit for what we just played, to be frank I was not sure they had that game in them.

There were a couple of difficulty spikes and the A.I. was useless a good amount of time. One specific area/conflict Del didn’t fire a shot. I had to try several times and in sheer frustration I put the skill level to beginner, just to get past.

Jack on the other hand (a.I again) took commands wonderfully.

I have completed all previous Gears on insane with a partner, I’m not sure about this one.

Do need to play through again, missed a good amount of collectibles and cheveos.

…now if only they could have got Horde right!

I have a small section recorded where JD stands looking away from a fight for most of the fight. Just staring blankly at a wall.

Well I am glad to hear they have other legacy characters and nods, like I said Act 1 was a good start to the game and I like how they jump right into the action.

GOW 4 had a slower start by necessity but I prefer the “hit the ground running” approach this one has.

I don’t know why they will not bring back Dizzy though as he is a very popular character, no one could have expected him to get as many people liking him, that charm of his though and personality was what really worked.

Weird I encountered the same problem with Del as well and I just had jack do a command to get rid of it.

And yes this campaign on insane will be extremely rough (Kudos to anyone who finished it on insane)

My usual “co op” partner is playing insane solo at the moment. He said it is very slow going and that he had to drop to intermediate on one part.

He will go back to that no doubt.

I’m already worried about some of the areas on insane! The motorbike section on 4 insane almost broke me :wink:

I’m pretty sure Hoffman is barely alive at this time, but I know for a fact from the lore stories I heard awhile back Dizzy passed away a little bit after Gears 3 finished as he wasn’t mentioned at all in Gears 4 after the prologue with Hoffman in the wheelchair. ( Also he wasn’t mentioned at all in the conversations in Gears 4) which also led me to believe he passed away sadly.

Dizzy’s children are alive though, pretty sure his daughters could have made an appearance or been mentioned.

Also we clearly see Hoffman is still alive in GOW 4 in the wheel chair, I don’t see a dude like him just sitting on his ■■■ when a new war begins unless he is bed ridden and even then I could see him asking Baird to rig him up a suit or some mech that he can control.

Hoffman is a tough old man who has “seen some ■■■■”, survived it, and even as an older man kicked ■■■ in GOW 3.

Warden on insane :frowning:

There are so many good Characters in this game that you won’t even miss few ones that are not.
And im sure some that are not could be in 6.

i’m crossing my fingers and hoping we see an apperence of his daughters in 6!

And Hoffman is a straight bada** he is tough and who knows maybe Baird is making a device for him. (if he is alive)

Also have to take into account that years are different on planet Sera than Earth

Hoffman was shown in the Hive busters comic.He is the initiator of the Escape operations.
He is doing great on a remote island in a mansion,has his operation base there.

That is my thought as well, and I liked that we had a female Carmine for a change, and she is now my second favorite of them after Ben from GOW 2.

I still think Ben should have been the one who “went the distance”, we see him start as a rookie in GOW 2, he gets much smarter becoming a new valuable team member, then in GOW 3 instead of Clay we get badass Ben who has seen some ■■■■, lived to tell about it and is now on par with the core 4 of Delta squad, Instead of a ripped Clay we have Ben who we saw earn his credentials.

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It’s ok it was a light spoiler if anything. I’m sure there was no ill intention. I’m one of those people who hates to know literally anything about a movie, show, book, whatever. So I really meant it when I said I should know better than to poke around on here because someone’s going to end up innocently giving away too much for my taste lol.

I’m on act 2 chapter 3 and I have to say there are definitely some aspects of the game that they really nailed compared to 4.

What’s everyone’s difficulty of choice btw? I’m going with “experienced” myself.

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Im sorry,i dont know the rules exactly.What can and cannot be said.
This whole thread is in a way spoiler•ish😂

HIghly recommend to do intermediate if not beginner.

Does anyone know is Oscar’s voiceactor the same from 4 or someone else?
He is pretty serious in this one and sober😂

Aside from the fact that it’s faster, why do you recommend beginner/intermediate?

I started out on insane as I plan on going for seriously but after dying a few times too many I took it down a notch. I just want to get into the story but also don’t want to get spoiled with it being too easy so this seems like a nice middle ground. I do want to do insane eventually so I feel like after doing this it won’t be such a shocker when I do do it.