Job well done Coalition! **MY CAMPAIGN REACTION NO SPOILERS**

Hands down this campaign is by far the BEST CAMPAIGN EVER in gears history, (Yes even better than Gears Of War 2, trust me). You guys have set the storyline perfect for Gears 6 and left me shocked more than ever! The Coalition has a VERY bright future of ahead of them and I can’t wait till Gears 6 to drop!


I am excited to see what they bring to the table!!

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How about that 4k visuals sheesh!

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I thought 4 was great but this was even better👍

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Ok but the game is already available to all,isn’t it?EDIT:I mean sorry,yeh you’re right!
Im a bit tired😂

I thought it was excellent. Far superior to the lacklustre 4 in every way. I put alongside the original trilogy, I am very excited for 6!

Only 3 odd years to go :wink:

I would still like some dlc, even if it were unrelated vignette.

Only finished Act 1, and I am enjoying the campaign/story a lot, stopped due to the game acting weird, will continue it later once more things have been fixed.

My only complaint is that we only get 4 Acts instead of the usual 5.

You will not regret it I promise!!

The length of the game is about the same despite less Acts.

I totally agree too I was hoping for some DLC to drop with the campaign material too, but hey i’m still happy with result.

Act 2 and 3 are huge, no need to worry. It could have been 5 acts easily.

Im sure we will get Gears Tactics next year or so.It could be a good Gears game.

By far act 2 was the longest for me.

Act 2 was my favourite!

Without spoiling anything do Col. Hoffman or Bernie appear in the campaign ?

Do we see Dizzy Wallin, or a family member of his in the campaign ??

Just yes or no for these.

What did you think of the “open world” I really like that TC did something different, however I’m unsure it was really needed.

I would rather have than not, but I’m not 100% convinced we need it in a Gears game ?

The Skiff did handle brilliantly, which was a bonus.

Yes (a lot) no,no,no

We do get other legacy characters and nods though.

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Given this says no spoilers I have edited out your comment. While incredibly minor to some, a ton of people haven’t played through it yet.

Only post spoilers in spoiler friendly threads. Thank you.


It was very gutsy call on their behalf but it reminds of Jacinto in a way.

The Skiff was perfect and awesome to ride around and enjoy the view.