Jittery gameplay @ Series S|X whats going on?

hey guys i recently got the series s
ive noticed in the campaign and multiplayer too the game can randomely become very jittery and stuttery it looks choppy…the only way to fix it was to disable variable refresh rate (freesync) then it was fine,
but other games run just fine with freesync on so whats going on with gears?
has anyone else notice this?
i posted about this before like a week ago but no response at all and im rly concerned
is my console defective?

It’s the game mate. This game is a mess. I don’t have the new console but same crap happens on my one x

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Never had any issues aside from character model stretching in the campaign

it goes away if i disable vrr tho and the game is so choppy with vrr on it happens randomely you have the same?