Jingle Juvies on Master

So I completed Juvies on Master and got four green cards which I find absolutely absurd. Beating anything on Master is not rewarding at all. End rant and thanks for reading.

Ho Ho Ho.


RNG man! It’s like a lottery!

It is annoying, but that’s the luck of the draw. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

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So they removed rng based progression with loot boxes by providing rng drops instead… ya… ok… this company does not have closed ■■■■■■■ ears at all… either that or trying to piss us off on purpose… if the second… ya, gears 5 is damn well designed… you succeded TC… one job… remove RNG, not replace rng with other forms of rng.

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It’s not that bad, honestly. In Gears 4, you couldn’t craft duplicates for a skill card unless you dropped it from RNG Pack. But Gears 5 literally gives us that first skill card at Level 1 when we level up hero character.

The worst case has been when maxed out class level but still not dropped their first Level 1 card, after weeks and months of playing Horde.

Because they ■■■■■■ up in 4 n made it slightly better, does not mean they deserve a pat on the back… they shpuld have made a good system from the start…

Going from crap to sloghtly less crap, is not applause worthy imo. Also some.things r even worse like scrap was better in the last game… i had a lot more… 8 reups in… ive had 3 legendary drops. My brother, 6 or 7 reups in… none… no, its not all “better”… its just trading some good for bad… but overall, its crap

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if I get another epic scored card I will lose it
it’s absurd that u get 2 score boost cards and in my case I NEVER EVER USE but when I do an insane or highter I get that useless card

It’s more like most of the time you lose and rarely do you win.

IMO, it’s a win every time since it contributes towards maxed cards Level 5’s. Even getting duplicates after that, would contribute towards upcoming Level 6 cards or may become more Scrap when they scrappable.

But for the time and effort I think most of us would run a much easier difficulty if we were farming for greens.

I would not do that since lower difficulty = less XP. Common still has 40% chance on Master, I think.

I disagree. I play on Master to get those blue, purple, and orange cards. That’s the expectation for most people.


Jungle juvies on Icebound - Fabricator position?

  1. Player spawn
  2. Centre building
  3. Top of stairs
  4. bottom of stairs
  5. somewhere else

My prefence is bottom of stairs - channel the enemies between the fabricator and more cover from boomers.

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What level was the character you were using? You can’t win skill cards until you’ve unlocked them by getting to a certain level

You just got unlucky, 1 result is not a large enough sample size to test the probability pie. But, I can imagine I would be a little bummed out as well if this happened to me, I’d like to at least get some blue cards as a minimum in Advanced+, let alone Master

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Center stairs is best. If you can position the fabricator just right, as far over the top stair as you can, no enemies will come from that direction. They will all try to cross the bridge.

Then just load the bridge with barriers and you’re set.

It can take a few tries to get it right. Sometimes scions will still go that way, but no other enemies. Including bosses.

Gears games are one of the worst when it comes to difficulty balance. I have never enjoyed Gears on the hardest difficulty possible and i usually play games on the hardest possible.
Gears just turn everything except the player up 50x and call it the day


The Card System is made to be a bandaid for the verticality that is Horde 3.0 and 4.0’s difficulty spike, unfortunately.