Jingle Juvies Mega Farm Dec 28- jan 02(msg for invite)

Hello everyone. GT same as username(spaces instead of underscores), and I will be doing Jingle Juvies farming for the rest of its duration, every day, all day. Starting tomorrow.

If you want to join, just message/add me. Bring both score boosts!!!

It’s 6k+ exp/ hour before boost. Pretty solid, in fact, extremely solid. I plan to take full advantage, so hit me up!!! It will be very easy, I will do all the work, just deposit!!

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I’ll be trying to do this tonight (27th), possibly the evening of the 30th, on the 31st, and on the 1st.
I’ve got the necessary Baird cards to make insane difficulty easy, but am still trying to level my Baird (14 currently) and farm cards.
I’ve run it a few times on Master with others that had a higher level Baird.
I’d like to run this a bunch to level my Baird and Lizzie as well as farm cards.
My GT is the same as it shows here.

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