Jingle Juvies again

For what it’s worth I think this horde event sucks, but it could be so much fun.
I’m working to get the Father Gearsmas Marcus as I like how he looks, but as soon as I realized I had to play jingle juvies I was kinda deterred. I have about 72 hours just playing horde on gears 5 and I’ve probably played 98% of in the custom browser. I don’t like queueing up in regular matchmaking because I often find those players selfish. unwilling to cooperate, and very prone to quitting early and fast. I played a bit of Jingle Juvies before I came to write out this thread and 2 people left after getting immediately downed because nobody was working together. I find it boring too because it just boils down to me sitting in a corner of icebound or running around and killing in the most boring of ways. I wish we could do custom jingle juvies because I think it could be a fun balls to the wall experience. I played an hour long horde frenzy match today and it was so much fun working with other people in a nice team setting.

Thoughts on jingle juvies? I think when working in a team it can be very fun but usually that wasn’t my case last year or this year.


I must have got lucky since I played it 3 times now in inconceivable and no one left and played as a team. We did have one jack ■■■ but everyone put him in his place real fast and he just shut up and played. But it was definitely fun!

When the blizzard kicks in is the most exciting part since you can only see what’s directly in front and those damn juvies get through whatever barriers you have and you basically take out the gnasher and spray and pray. The antlers also make It seem like some krampus infection lol.

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you’re really lucky, I never have good luck and my games always end up empty by wave 6

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Haven’t tried it myself yet with the servers throwing a tantrum again but if I cannot play a custom game then beginner it is.

It is understandable that you’re matched with people that are unable to tie their shoes since they’re most likely there for the skin and don’t know how to play the game.

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If its the medals your after then best off going into to beginners because at least then you can just solo the thing and not rely on anyone. I managed to get 1 game on incon with a very cooperative team and finished most of my medals because of it but ther other attempts were pointless as team mates didn’t bother to pick me up if I went down and a few just quit after they realised they are useless at this game lol.

As for the mode itself well I hate juvies. I hate them so much. I hate going down and have a juvie home in on me in a split second to bash my head into the ground. All in all its extremely boring and not really fun at all.

Jingle Juvies just feels really tired and boring. It’s basically the only Horde/PVE Christmas mode we’ve ever had in GOW. I mean, we had it in GOW4 for Christmas 2017 and 2018; and again in GOW5 for 2019 and now 2020.

I’d like it if TC mixed things up and created a new Christmas event for Horde. A few ideas I had:

(1) Krampus skins for all Scion enemies - the Wardens armed with a giant candy cane for a Breaker Mace; Boomshots firing the Snowshots; and Ice Scions.

(2) Abominable Grandiers armed with freezing shotguns (just like how it featured on certain Escape hives).

(3) Nutcracker DeeBees armed with freezing Enforcers (again, just like on some Escape hives).


Haha! Yes!


Correction : TWO giant candy canes as they wield two breaker maces,

Also this is a creative idea, I like it!


Yeah I find this event boring as well, this should be no more than 15 waves long.

Yeah needs customs. I’ve not even done this on advanced because of quitters or people that are just playing for the skins and have zero idea how to play horde despite high levels. Even on one of the runs i did on beginner someone went sentry mad. I’d really enjoy this in customs setting up to play on Incog but not worth it now as it’s a complete lottery.

Yeah, but also funny to me because

I went sentry mad one game and put like 4 level 2/3 sentries for the hell of it

My thoughts? I just do it for the challenges. Run it on Beginner 3 times and you just did 5 of 6 challenges (assuming you’re trying to kill, which should come naturally).


^^ This ^^


Really fun with a Brawler with the Scorcher build, lol!

It was fun playing this as a Brawler, just running around and killing juvies and being very OP.

But it is a bit of a tired event, it’s been running for what seems like years now, and it doesn’t help that there is only one map in rotation, which whilst it is themed, it doesnt help replayability.

It’s good for a match with friends, but it loses its novelty very quickly. I mean, it’s pretty much the same event from last year, maybe give or take a few tweaks here and there, and it’s very similar to the Gears 4 version.

And after the change up that Classic Horde gave us for the last 2 weeks, which was good albeit not perfect, this seems like a bit of a step backwards.

I hope next year it improves. This is one of the times of the year where you can go a little more out there and try something different. Seems like they ran out of time.

You’re really lucky.My games end up empty before the match even loads up:)


It’s intense playing it on pub. A lot of quitting, like you said, plus, a lot of non-teamwork and everyone jumping in front of poppers, etc. Luckily, I won one with me being Keegan (Tactician) and a Slugger on the team that just threw grenades all over the map.

These ideas are just brilliant, lol. Sign me up!

I actually just hate the map. The juvies blend in with the snow and ground. Rlly annoying. So the poppers just make their way in, cuz I can’t see a damn thing.

Yes. Just having one map is very tiring.

It would help to be available in custom.

Done with my 60 waves. Probably won’t play it again.

My recommendations:

Add maps of course

Different maps bring different bosses

Vary something. Maybe incendiaries instead of frags?

Did I say vary the map?

You just released a new dlc. Why isn’t the boss the new thunder chicken?

Escape Christmas event?

Yeah, bring the snowshot into it. Shoot snow shots at a waakatu with antlers on a Christmas themed gridlock. Snow on the cars(doesn’t solve the juvies blending in tho lol but id forgive it) , lights everywhere.