Jesus TC do you even play this game?

The shots that just dont fire are what triggers me more than anything.


That is so annoying… I’ve pulled trigger 3 times before and nothing happens


TC definitely plays this game. I bumped into a TC Michaels the other day so they are playing.

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got on to play one single koth match tonight and the game feels awful. look, i understand apex has disconnects, slow mo games and all that. gears has its problems too, but i am trying to focus on the feel of the game. apex feels like you are above water compared to gears. i mean, a game still running 60fps with no series x update. something is wrong.

gears 5 doesnt feel good to me at all. it isn’t fluid, responsive, or anything of the like. i think the new tuning + server problems are making it feel ridiculously bad.

i said it at the time, when we had the previous tuning and the series x came out, it was the absolute best any gears game had ever felt. the feeling of fighting your controller was gone! i know im not the only one who loved previous tuning + series x.

the game has degenerated greatly.


it only feels good if you live close to the server with good ping, a scam for other players

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More importantly why doesn’t Jesus TC resurrect this fail and turn water (gears5) into wine (amazing gears5).


He will come down once the Apocalypse arrives and Gears 5 Turns into lame Gears 5 (we getting close) and then turn it into Glorious Gears of War 6


@doomEternal8678 so the game should be aces if you have garbage internet or have 150 ping? 90% of the players are too god damn lazy to simply run a wire from their router to to their console or pc. Ive got no sympathy for people that cry about the state of a game but dont care enough about playing an online multiplayer to simply run an ethernet connection. Wifi = janky. Anyone that is serious about playing has a wired connection.


Half of my blind fires that connect result in no damage dealt for some reason despite my lower stable ping. Literally can’t kill an enemy that’s AFK with a blind fire for some reason.

And before Ryan Cleven memes pop up – I didn’t miss.


I love vs even when I lose. I wish I could find half way decent teammate’s consistently. I do think there are some bugs. But this ■■■■ is so fun. I find PvE pretty boring. Campaign included. Well IDK campaign is okay I guess but that’s just because it’s more of the same I want something different when it comes to PvE. I want to see an RPG or level building world like a destiny or other that hasn’t been quite explored. Some of the staleness is a lack of enemy skins. Or a mode that includes both players vs player vs enemy. Like they could do a version of horde that spawns players in the roles of the swarm with all the power ups they in a different way. Or humans vs humans then a swarm breaks out and you have to fight both the enemy player humans vs humans, then a swarm of AI. I don’t think gears has ever tried this but it’d definitely be cool. Find a way to make arcade mode ranked.idk I have a lot of ideas on how to make gears funner. But I don’t work for your company.

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@Krylon_Blue brother, i know youve got your stuff together as far as ethernet etc etc. Youve got a gig like me I think. Could the pc stuttering be related to extra security added lately to protect against DDOS attacks?


I would think it would be constant rather than random or after a single match. It also wouldn’t have gotten progressively worse each operation.


I watched a teammate hit a dude dead on while the guy was sliding into his shotgun…

What happened? Nothing. No blood no anything.

The delays on this game is stupid. One team has fluid games while the other one gets pounded inside and out.


Ive noticed increased pings over the past couple days.

I’m wondering if the grid failure in Texas plays into anything

So if I made a GT with TC in it exactly how they do, would you still believe they play the game?

The person had mvp with a coalition banner. Just saying I played with a TC worker that’s all and was playing

Ok man. I was just asking that’s all. No harm no foul

There are so many bugs, They bann’ ed two of my accc just for exposing bugs. They delete the post in under a minute.
You literally can’t even speak out on the forum, they TAPE your mouth.
Tell me how you’d feel when you get a record -time in escape and clear the LZ but the helicopter bugs and doesn’t show up. the list goes on. This franchise is untrustworthy and unhealthy to be in a relationship with.


One juvie jumped off the map and the chopper didn’t come.That juvie asserted his dominance over me by simply hopping off the platform.

@TC_Clown can we get an official response?

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