Jermad's ammo capacity

I apologize if such a topic already exists. But I didn’t find it.

I unlocked Jermad to play with Retro.
In the description, you say that he gets 150 ammo. But really, I start with only 60.
So in the description it says that I will have 5 ammo for Torque Bow and I get 5 ammo for Torque Bow.
The description says that Marcus starts with 180 ammo for the Lancer and can open a Retro with 60 ammo. And it is true. In the game, Marcus starts with 180 ammo for the Lancer and can open a Retro with 60 ammo.
But what should I do to start Jermad with 150 Retroammo?

Perhaps this is because I did not buy this character, but unlocked it?
Then can I pay 400 or 500 iron and get the promised 150 ammo?

The fact is that I really like this weapon. In gears5 multiplayer, you took it from me in classic and escape modes, you also almost took it in the horde. And I opened Jermad specifically to start Arcade with a good supply of Retro ammo, But I didn’t get it.
Can I fix this situation somehow?

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Sorry, but I doubt there is really anything you can do.

Starting with 60 rounds in the Retro puts you at an advantage early in the round regardless. It’s superior to the Lancer at almost every range and I feel 60 is a good place for it to be. A couple kills nets you 60 more, and if you’re running out of ammo, you’re not hitting the shots.

The retro is the strongest arcade starting gun in the game, and it would be the most powerful overall if it wasn’t for the claw.

OK. you’re right. I agree with your arguments. and probably 150 rounds for retro is too much. but I read the description and unlocked the character. and I didn’t see 150 rounds there. I thought that I was mistaken, look for something done wrong. I play only about a week and haven’t been able to know all the nuances yet.
The UX in the game and on is just disgusting and confuses the players even more as for me.

Now I understand that I did everything right and it’s just some kind of mistake in the description. It’s OK.
Thanks for yours ansvers

It’s not your fault at all. TC have really been making a habit of describing things wrong or not at all lately,