Jeff Grubb: Gears 6 will not be shown at this year's E3 (addition info May 11th)

makes sense, not even two years yet


they’re have too much going on


It’s a lot more work to make the game for the next-gen; graphics, mechanics, etc.

They teased Gears 5 too soon, wouldn’t mind waiting till next year to finally get a peak.

So long as they take their time to make the absolutely best game they can make.


More like 5 years too early


Good good. Maybe they can spend more time now too for nvidia issues


with over 20 studios now in MS’s pocket it’s going to mean the game wont launch before it’s ready, silver lining I guess.

I think its way too soon to show anything about Gears 6. Hopefully they will take their time and at least launch a playable game lol but I won’t hold my breathe.

There is an E3 this year?

Oh wait it already happened in March

I was so looking forward to seeing the reskinned and ported Gow6 Regency reveal at e3.

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Surely you mean Canals.

Tbf it’s actually Gridlock, I’m pretty sure it’s been in the most games.

Do not ever diss gridlock



So a few things to note:

  1. Grubb is a fairly reliable source in that he doesn’t often say things without a certain level of knowledge. A lot of leakers get that one big scoop then take advantage of the fame to make guesses, and Grubb doesn’t seem like one of those. He says things with confidence based on what he knows.

  2. The “they’ve got too much going on” bit is clearly a reference to Microsoft rather than TC. So I don’t think we should look too deeply into that for Gears info. He likely means all of the games Microsoft has planned to show from their plethora of acquisitions, most of which haven’t seen an XSX release yet.

  3. This news shouldn’t be a surprise as TC had some major turnover last year at the top, Covid-19’s restrictions limited game development across the industry, and Microsoft already pushed Gears Tactics, Gears 5’s OP5 update and Hivebusters to fill the gap left by other games at the XSX’s launch. Gears is likely not going to come back to the forefront of their marketing strategy until holiday 2022 or later at this point.


It’s so bad competitively lol. Literally an esports map in 3 different games and absolute cancer in all three.

I do not understand what you are trying to say.

I suffer Gears willingly, I never want to suffer cancer


technically no, gears usually follows a 2-3 year cycle. Epic followed this cycle with gears 1 dropping in Nov of 2006, Gears 2 in Nov of 2008, and September of 2011. and as for TC, Gears 4 dropped in Fall 2016 and 5 in 2019. so seeing something about 6 would make sense. Personally im mixed about not having any info because I was wanting to go forward to 6, but what are they gonna do to keep 5 interesting for this year and for next year?

I can wait however, It doesnt bother me much but looking at 5 rn, its looking iffy as to how they can keep support for the game going.
If TC is giving it their all in 6, then I can wait another year.

Edit: After remembering that TCs working during COVID and that employees have been leaving left and right, it makes sense that they arent just ready yet.


petition to ban the word “gridlock” in the forums? and a petition to get that map banned from this game going forward?

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Gears needs to do what halo infinite is doing and take a solid 5 years to make the game right. No more of this 3 year cycle. Especially all dev into gears 6 was when covid was happening then ya I wouldn’t and shouldn’t expect any gears 6 until earliest 2023. I would actually like 2024 to be honest. Halo 5 got bashed for its poor campaign and they took a solid 5 years to make the campaign and multiplayer right the first time. I hope TC follows suit.


yeah but short development wasn’t the reason Halo 5 had a bad story, it had a bad story because of bad writing lol, no amount of time with development will magically make a game good if its foundations are bad.

in my eyes the only time polish really works well is if the game could’ve been released sooner in the first place, typically long dev windows just mean the devs waste tons of their time chasing rainbows.

There are some simply/obvious things that you could expect to see given a longer timeframe with Gears 6; Gears 5 will be supported probably longer due to this (we could see an OP8/9) and its expected that Gears 6 will have more basic content like maps/customization closer to release than it would otherwise. Just don’t expect it to be flawless is pretty much my point.


I rather wait 2 more Years for Gears 6 then having a unfinished Game that takes over 1 Year after Launch to be at a Decent Place (like Gears 5).

Gears deserves to be great AT LAUNCH.