JD's Gambit card not working

So i equipted JD’s gambit card it’s level two and says i can plant two extra Grenade traps yet when i plant the fourth grenade the first one i planted explodes. i was wondering idlf the made it so you can only plant one grenade now or uf the card simply does not work properly. Also wonderi g why they took away his explosuve launcher capacity now people luke keghan and luzzy have more tockets then me since they can increase their ammo.

It is bugged. It assumes the amount you can plant from the start is 1 from what I know. I could be totally wrong.

yeah they up’d the amount of grenades you can plant by default to 2 in PvE but the skill card won’t reflect that. If it’s “plant 2 extra grenades” its actually only 3 total.

Sounds much like a bug to me.

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thats the closest explanation i’vw heard