"JD's burnt arm" looks pretty cool

Those fleshy hexagons… :eyes:

I was excited to get the skin but the “Team” part of the skin isn’t very apparent to me. Like I can see the blue and red but the colors aren’t very bright.


But maybe Lizzie’s burnt body looks more pretty! :sweat_smile:

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An interesting enquiry. @grey_mineman or @AmicableWall421 could maybe provide some insight, the traitorous hominids they are.

What about Del’s snapped neck!? :thinking:

I know as much about it as I have respect for Jinn.

Which is to say nothing, because we haven’t actually seen it, and it’s probably not something you want to see.

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I wont allow you to get me worked up. I’ll let this one slide Kaz.

Either way Myrrah is a terrible leader. I’d rather be ruled by Zurg.

How dare you drag the Queen into this discussion!

You’re also not worthy of being ruled by the Queen! It’s much more appropriate to serve a angry toy that only repeats ”Destroy Buzz Lightyear!”

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Zurg>> Myrrah.

Zurg>> Sad Dom.

Because he still has his family.

You want to start a nuclear war, don’t you?

Bullseye>> Zurg.

Delta is also Doms family :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Oh that’s completely unnecessary when the fights has already been won.

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I have gained a slightly better tolerance towards you since you posted a bad boys gif.

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Semi-coincidental, picked it because I recently seen Bad Boys: For Life :joy:. It was a good film.

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Havent watched the new one yet but heard good things about it :sunglasses:

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I wasn’t sure about it but was surprised. It’s predictable but certainly not bad at all.

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