Jd villian in campiagn rant

Well TC only made 2 Gears of war games 4 and 5 so really they waited one game :clown_face:

You literally have to set something up to happen so it doesn’t just randomly come out of the blue and feel forced.

If they really wanted to add diversity they would’ve added another minority character but they just kept del and Cole lol

I won’t be going to sleep but I’ll be leaving for work in 2 hours.



It’s pointless arguing with a guy like you-you can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that TC deliberately set the game up for a female lead to fit with the current movement in the world today. You really think a game typified by the male testosterone driven style that was gears of war just made a natural move towards a female lead by coincidence. Please quit replying-you sound like you are trying to argue just for the sake of it-at least admit the possibility that they made a female lead in a predominantly male orientated game to be more diverse and bring the game into 2019 rather than just coincidence. I’m not even going to bother replying to you after this because I can tell straight away your one of those guys who has made a point and won’t stop replying until he gets his victory regardless of whether he is wrong or not…peace out

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Just agree to disagree nothing wrong with that

Settle it in the game!! 1v1 winner takes all!! Or in this case winners opinion wins!! This is Gears of WAR dammit not Gears of Debate in a forum :rofl::rofl:

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Please break up your walls of text with proper paragraphs, it’s a headache to read in its current format.

It seems like you wouldn’t have a problem with the lead if it was Del that was related to the queen but because it’s Kait you’re angry. You seem to be angry at the game because Kait is the lead which honestly is ridiculous because she has the most potential for good story telling.

You’re a :clown_face:

Honestly I’m down if he is. Not gonna say I’ll win but it could be fun, I got a few hours to kill.

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Yall would have to be JD and Kait respectively

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You have to set it up and be a spectator. You’re the moderator

I have no issue with Kait-I’m simply stating that TC made the decision when they started this new trilogy to have a female play a major role and in the case of 5 be the lead. This guy thinks it was just a coincidence that a female character gets lead in an era dominated by pushes for female equality and more prominent female characters in tv and gaming-I don’t think it was a coincidence

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I liked JD’s redemption arc - without getting into the whole ‘gender’ debate it’s something that’s missing too often nowadays. All heroes are now just automatically super-powered Mary Sues with no flaws, and no obstacles pose a problem for them.

For me it’s more about the new blood (and writers) mocking the old characters -

Everyone blindly following Kait even though her rash decision evolved the Swarm exponentially.
Kait and Del pretty much talking smack about EVERYONE during the skiff segments (Marcus, Anya, Paduk, Baird, JD, Fahz et al).
Marcus somehow forgetting that he blew up the door in New Hope.
Making fun of Paduk - “how do we shut him up?”, “what does he know about the HoD?” How about you take a look at his face you smartAlecs, and how far would you get with the launch without his help?

Did anyone read Ascendance? Every encounter with the Swarm Marcus either got injured or needed rescuing by Kait.

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I’m down but wont be on till about 8PM EST

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I have to work at 3pm AST until 10/11 AST depends but I’m good after that or before

Edit: were basically in the same time zone so we could potentially play together outside of customs :heart_eyes:

I’m an EU player-It’s 4:30pm over here right now and I’m going out at 6pm. If you want a game then we need to do it now.

I low-key want the man who came up with the idea to be there to watch and host it. Add me on Xbox and we can try to figure out a proper time where all 3 of us can play

I work all weekend and Monday but anytime before 3pm or 2pm depending on the day I’m good same with after 10pm/11 depending on the day.

Just added you tubbie. We shall try to make this happen!

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I want to be kait because she has a fat ■■■ but I’m fine with being JD because he has a beautiful bald head and sexy beard.

We should create a Xbox group chat with all 3 of us

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Look if you want a game let’s go now. I’m not sitting organising a game with an American. We are 5 hours time difference. I’m a fairly good ranked pvp player but I also don’t have that big an ego that I’m going to be panicking to play some guy who has a different opinion to something than I do. If you want a match let’s go-I’m not wanting to be your friend or play with you but if you need to 1v1 me let’s go or if you can’t be bothered now then that’s too bad because after I leave this forum to go and actually live outside a screen I won’t be interacting with you.

Tubbie go whip his Euro A$$ hahaha

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Lol I wasn’t making a dig at Americans just stating the time difference is a pain in the @s£

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I’m not American. You said earlier you weren’t going to reply so i dont believe you’re going to stop interacting with me.

And I’m pretty good at pvp as well onyx3 in most game modes but this 1v1 simply cannot happen without erock he is the heart and soul of this idea.

We can work around your schedule and Erocks but clearly today won’t work because you’re busy during the available times.