Jd villian in campiagn rant

Honestly this what’s make me so mad. Why would you build JD up then in one scene make him ruthless. Then you make Kait the leader ? Like come get off this mainstream trend wtih movies making men look bad and making women the forefront when it was never like that for that movies and now title. I have no problem with women leading, wonderwoman my favorite hero and If I play tomb raider I want to play with Lara Croft and not her bf. It reallys unsettles me.

Like honestly I hope kait is not the cover face for gears 6 . JD is a Fenix , the main character should always be a Fenix . Also I don’t appreciate them going with this trend just like stars wars went. Don’t they understand they get more flak for this ? Gears 6 you beftere redemn JD. Like it upsets men bc your making us look bad. You don’t have to tear a man character down to make the way for a women role


You speak the truth. Who didn’t like those good ol’ DD-cup pointy triangles back in the day. :yum:


How tf did they “make men look bad” with Gears 5(look Del, Baird, Marcus, Fahz and JD post Act 2)? If anything it showed there’s “bad” men and women on both sides of the gender pool. Jinn, for example. JD may not have shown himself from his best side towards Kait in Act 2 but that was because of Jinn getting to him and making Kait and Del look like they were at fault for what happened in Settlement 2. If anything, they showed him going back to his “good side” after realizing he didn’t act appropriately towards Kait in the Riftworm Village and wanting to make up for his actions in the last few months.

And you know what makes me mad? “He’s a Fenix” being an uncontestable(if this isn’t a word, I don’t give a damn, and it should be), and absolute argument that he has to be the main character even in a story line or part of it that isn’t even about him in the first place. There’s more to Gears than the Fenix lineage. Kait also belongs to one of equal importance to the Gears universe, albeit the wrong one, or at least the one you don’t want to be a part of. And that somehow putting Kait as the main character is “chasing trends”. It’s not. Just because media praise it for having a female lead doesn’t mean it is anything more than a story motivated decision to put her in the lead role. I see practically nothing in the story that even remotely resembles political agendas. Her reactions are natural and make complete sense given her circumstances, background and personality, and what she just went through when she throws JDs orders in his face. You expect anyone to just go back to the city when you know something’s wrong with yourself and that you are somehow related to the Locust, and revealed that secret to your friends just now?

And no, I AM a man myself. They didn’t make us “look bad”. You’re just looking for cheap excuses to have a male lead or a Fenix again because you’re a purist and only want a Fenix to take the lead role no matter how little sense it makes to the story.

And at the very least for when it comes to hunting the “Queen” down, it should be Kait being in the lead role, because there is a more personal aspect tied to it for her with her being a descendant of Myrrah, and her mother’s body now being used by the Swarm as their Queen. If they want to throw some JD segments into it, fine, so long as they fit in like Act 1 for 5 did. But making him the lead for “He’s a Fenix” doesn’t count as a valid reason in my book.


@SaintGilliam I agree with you, just because on ALIENS Ripley did work to be the lead and it looked bad ■■■ in its time doesnt mean that could work on Gears of War.

It’s a man’s game wall to wall so its not in its business to have a female character lead , it should be JD or the big man Marcus… he is truly the character that does wrap what Gears of War is.


I guess we disagree , after this game and how they treated JD it makes me like JD more , I honestly can care less about kait. I don’t like characters being shoved down our throats

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You think she’s shoved. I don’t. But you haven’t really provided any substantial reasons why. I thought JD felt forced in all of Gears 4 besides Act 3. Simply because he just didn’t serve a lot of purpose besides Act 3 where the search was for Marcus. And while I did like JD in 5, contrary to my expectations, I still like Kait more, and it really wouldn’t have served much of a purpose to have him be in the lead role for Kait’s story.

But as far as who’s the better main is concerned, that’s entirely subjective. I think it’s Kait, you think it’s JD. Let’s just leave this here because I have a feeling it might just come down to arguing for the sake of arguing eventually.

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But the doesn’t make much sense. We always have characters shoved down our throats. Unless it’s a game where we create the character like Elder Scrolls or something, we play as the character that the developer’s tell us to play as.

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Its just how i feel! I dont like they way they went about introducing Kait as the lead role. They could of thought better! Thats all im saying

I don’t think JD is made to look bad at all. I actually think his character is given more depth by the story. However I do think kait is pushed as the main character predominantly so TC/gears of war has a lead character who is a female. I’m not saying I dislike her or think she is a bad lead but it’s obvious everything nowadays is geared towards equality and promoting woman as strongly as men. TC are doing their bit with a female lead to shake up the male dominated series that gears of war has typically been in the past especially in terms of the story. I personally think the series will never get anywhere near the level of the original trilogy no matter what TC do tbh but I’m glad it’s continuing even if it’s a shadow of the franchise it was…

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I thought JD was pretty bland throughout Gears 4 campaign & into Act 1 of Gears 5 campaign, from Act 2 onwards he became a lot more interesting & relatable due to him having to deal with the guilt etc of his previous actions.

For me it actually made sense for Kait to be the lead in Gears 5 given the reveal at the of Gears 4 but I don’t think she’ll necessarily be the lead in Gears 6, it could very well be either JD or Marcus that becomes the focal point (depending on which ending becomes cannon).


Lmao, Kait being the main character makes the most sense for where the story is going with her connection to the queen. It doesn’t feel forced at all and honestly JD being a Fenix doesn’t matter when he’s boring.

Also I think judgement proves we don’t need a Fenix as a main character, Baird was a good main character and raams shadow had Barrick and he was also a very good.main character.


The problem I had with it was the fact that the game tried to make it sound like an innocent protest. Turns out they were throwing firebombs and attacking people.

That’s not a protest, it’s a violent riot, and TCs attempt to make me hate JD utterly failed. That’s why I saved him later.

And honestly, I had more fun in the first and final acts of the campaign, the parts that had the least Kait involvement. Shes just not interesting in any way, and too much of the game was spent explaining plot points that anyone who played the previous games would have already figured out.

Its obvious who her grandmother is, the collectibles in gears 2 tell you where the locust come from, Adam fenix and myrrah explained it all at the end of gears 3. All this to try propping up Kait, and the mediocre swarm.


Question - as with all protests, but what proportion of the crowd were actually violent and throwing firebombs?

Serious question here. Protests often consist of large crowds. Hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands. There’s usually violence in some shape or form, but are all of them violent?

I had the impression it was a protest with some violent elements. It didn’t sound like a full on riot at all, and it was a case of JD panicking and losing control.

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shakes fist You’ve pretty much said everything i was going to reply with lol.I concur entirely with your comments, and for me, Kait’s story is far more interesting than JD’s - which IMO - is a trope that has been depicted and dissected in far too many TV shows, films, books & games. ‘Man with daddy issues struggles to live up to father’s hero status.’

I’m not bothered if the protagonist is male or female as long as the story is engaging .

Unfortunately there was very little context given, it would have been nice to see it fleshed out in a flashback or something, so that way players can decide for themselves whether or not it was justified.

Its not that kait was pushed in 5 it’s more that when TC sat down to make 4 they looked at the current equality movement across Hollywood and everywhere else and they looked at gears and said this is a predominantly male game-let’s create a story using myrrah and make a female lead for 5 using that story. The fans won’t swallow that straight away as the games always been about musclebound men so we will have JD as the main guy with kait as his sidekick in 4 and we will set it up for 5. Believe what you want but this is what has happened. Equality should be supported and props goes to TC for this and Kait is a decent lead but don’t go thinking this was a natural progression-it was very much an artificial creation but there’s nothing wrong with that and I like kait ok. It’s also possible she doesn’t stay lead in the future.


Del is the cover boy on Gears 6

It’s not meant to be black and white… that’s the beauty of it all. With the reveal of what happened in settlement 2, we now see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Not in a sense that Marcus would have done the same thing (he obviously never would have), but he is a Fenix with MANY internal demons. Marcus spent his entire time in the slab thinking that not only did he abandon his post and get his fellow soldiers killed because he left with the HoD targeting reticle, but he also failed to save his fathers life. Being a Fenix, he just holds his grief, pain, and guilt inside. JD has clearly inherited some of these characteristics.

I felt the way they wrote JD in Gears 5 was great, and I actually ended up liking him WAY more than I did in Gears 4. This BS that TC is trying to make us hate him is just ludicrous, and really isnt worth our time arguing against. At the risk of walking into a political conversation, I think we all know the kind of person that OP is, playing the victim of the poor white male. Anyone who can walk away from Gears 5 truly feeling the way he does, has other skeletons in their closet and their vision is clearly muddied.

Back on topic, I offer this simple sentence…
Emotionally damaged characters, always make the best characters in any book, movie, or game.

I highly doubt TC made Kait the main character just because it’s a trend in Hollywood. Her story was set up in 4 and honestly JD probably would’ve stayed the main character if the fan base didn’t react so poorly to all the new characters.


JD wasn’t the main character in 4 because he’s a man, he was the main character because TC wanted to introduce us to the new world in a familiar way without directly using Marcus, best solution is to give Marcus a son who needs his dad’s help.

Not everything in the cooperate world is done because it’s a trend or they’re trying to please people. They went with Kait for obvious reasons not because they’re trying to push a feminist agenda. People can be female or gay without it being to please certain groups. They didn’t artificially insert her as the main character, she was built up to become the main character.

Lmao nice try I said Hollywood and everywhere else. And in case you hadn’t noticed video games are in the entertainment industry. Why wait until 6 games in to make a female lead if it was natural lol? It’s obviously been done at this time to coincide with the big push in female equality in things like tv sport films gaming. Next you will be trying to tell me Fahz isn’t an additional character for diversity. Go back to sleep and quit arguing just because the background to the point you made has been shattered and handed back to you. The smart thing to do is not reply…and again you keep saying it wasn’t set up lmao how do you know that? It wasn’t set up in 5 it was set up in 4 so that guys like you can say oh it was a natural choice. It was only a natural choice because it was set up in 4

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