JD ultimate dialogue question

I know no new voice lines were supposedly recorded but in new game plus of the campaign JD actually says Jack cloak and Jack shield if you use those in act one so I’m just wondering why he doesn’t in pve if you pick those abilities. And same thing can go for Kait with the barrier ability in pve.

He doesn’t say “Jack do X” in PvE, because… it’s not Jack providing the cloak or shield barrier? It makes sense to me.



I think he meant they could’ve shortened the lines then. Just cut the Jack part out, so he only says “cloak,” “shield,” etc. At least I think that’s what he meant.


He didn’t, or at least didn’t make it clear.

That is what I meant because it’s been done before in many games. They even shortened Clayton’s safe room line to remove beer so he just wonders if there’s bacon

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