Jd’s GL ammo capacity

Even though I have level 4 ammo capacity card the amount of grenades varies whenever I get a new GL from locker - some have 6 others 7. Likewise for
Has anyone got razor hail 4 card ? The 45%. I’ve got some scrap but us it worth it to go from 40 to 45 percent.? Any real difference noticeable in play ?

There seems to be some inconsistencies in the way weapon lockers reload the Lancer GL rockets. Sometimes it reloads it to the max - other times it stops one short, and you have to pick up an ammo box to totally fill it up so don’t worry - the max capacity isn’t changing - you can still fully fill it up - just there are problems with the locker. I don’t know what causes it. Sometimes picking it up and putting it back into the locker works, but not always (from my experience).

Lockers only fill it up one short of max, in my experience. Not sure why.