JD or KEEGAN in horde? my head says JD, how about you?

I keep finding people who are saying JD is trash and Keegan is better. Then when I play JD I have no problems he kills it. Although I do find other players who play JD there are some real bad ones. And people have a hard on for Keegan in horde , where I cannot see the value when you could have or use a JD instead… anyone inform me on what I am missing here besides the 60 salvo bullets and bleed lel and resupply? Like with those I still believe JD is the better option. Please help me

They’re still distinctly different characters but have similar functions, I think purely because they have a card which applies bleed from explosives.

Both characters have the same bleed stats on their card.

However JD has the better damage capability. He has the Custom Boomshot; Custom Lancer GL and his ultimate ability causes massive damage. This means that his bleed will be better because it’s based on percentages of the initial explosive damage.

Keegan has initially weaker ammo capacity because his capacity is linked to his perks, but by the end he matches JD’s capacity for most weapons, and even exceeds JD for grenade capacity (even without the Grenade Pouch).

In the early game when money is tight, Keegan can support the entire team by providing ammo. Later on he can replenish ammo super quick which saves you having to run back and forth to your Locker - Salvo ammo is replenished faster than he can fire! But one of the more subtle things that some players overlook is that his Healing Module card has been fixed and now is a valuable asset. In the mid-late game where ammo isn’t a big issue (as everyone has Lockers) I use his Ammo Resupply purely for the health regeneration factor. It doesn’t turn Keegan into a tank or anything, but it definitely helps. JD, aside from Daddy’s Boy, doesn’t have any health or defence related cards or perks.

The two of them can synygise really well together though - Keegan’s Interogation card can mark all enemies within a certain range - up to 50 metres, when he meatshields an enemy (tip: use Flashbangs). JD can use his Artillery to hit them all if he has Spotter Support. Chuck in Officer’s Perogative and Confirmed Kill, and JD can maximise damage done as well as recharge his Artillery quicker.

But as to your question of who is better, well I don’t think there’s a clear answer, which is a good thing because it’s a sign that they are much more balanced than previously. It would depend on other factors, such as do you have another high damage character in your team to kill bosses? Keegan is capable of killing bosses for sure, but as I said JD does more damage and his ultimate is very much a boss-killer.


Pros and cons. JD has good damage potential with the correct weapons. Keegan is good for levels where Amos is scarce keeping everyone charged. He’s good for horde when you have a lot of damage dealers who need ammo topped up. I.e. jd and fahz.

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Thanks. That was very informative, appreciate it.
So Keegan is an ideal support, just like in escape where people need ammo and such. Call on JD to kill stuff and get the job done.

JD all the way bro.

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Thats is a widely inaccurate/insufficient description of Keegan’s role and potential, to be honest. See that other post i tagged you in, for an explanation/description.

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