JD living up to the Fenix Legacy

Does anyone else agree that JD has finally grown up and is finally becoming a man like Marcus, more serious in his role in the army and hasn’t showed no emotions so far. Also like what TC have done and given him a scar similar to his father.

Can’t live up the fenix legacy if you don’t kill a general, head priest, a god (massive worm) and a queen :stuck_out_tongue:

Or something similar on those lines.

But I do agree, he is become the true son of Marcus Fenix.

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Except now it appears there aren’t any concerns of him living in his father’s shadow; he’s completely invested in doing his job now. Less reckless, more grounded, and, most importantly, hardened by his experiences.

I think the issue with JD before was that the writers weren’t sure what to make him out to be because they knew that he’d have to contrast well against Marcus. They wanted someone who could take up the torch from the latter, but they didn’t want to make JD too much like his father lest he lose any sense of individuality. Maybe the best way around this was to stop worrying so much about how he compares with Marcus and just focus on making JD more like JD.

If the trailer is any indication, we have JD who, ironically, resembles his father more and more, only he’s more invested with his position and less likely to break with protocol – if only to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Now he’s more risk adverse, convinced that they should stay the course, putting him in conflict with Kait and Del. Maybe part of his story explores how he grapples with the situation; at first convinced that he’s helping his friends by working from within and going through the proper channels but later realizes that he didn’t provide the sort of support that Kait actually needed.

At least I would hope that’s something that’s explored, even if Kait takes most of the screen time. It’d be a shame if the character most needing and deserving of development starts to receive it, only for the story to shove him off to the side just as things were getting good.

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Well, looks like it in Gears 5. Definitely not in 4.

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