JD Horde... Does "Confirmed Kill" card apply to the Lancer GL?

JD Horde… Does “Confirmed Kill” card apply to the Lancer GL, or just his special weapon? Precisely, do kills with Lancer GL bombs recharge his special weapon?

No, just to his ultimate ability.

It’s not so much kills, but damage done. So killing enemies with more health will recharge your ultimate faster than say, Drone-size enemies or juvies. This is why sometimes JD can use his ultimate ability twice on some boss waves.

Thank you so much i didn’t know that. Does it apply to the Lancer GL also?

It only works for kills resulting out of his ultimate ability(whether that includes bleed or not, I do not know). So you can’t get easy super fast ult recharges by killing enemies with the Lancer GL while your ult is on cooldown.

Artillery only, but since damage dealt recharges every Ult faster JD gets his back in mere seconds If the cooldown perk is at 10. Officers Prerogative is the better choice for JDs Ult.

yes … it’s a pointless card
I’ve had 3 ultimates on one boss wave on masters without equipping this card.
It’s a waste of a card slot in my opinion

Thank you!