Jack's Speed perk has been broken since OP5

Thank you a TON. Replacing it is fine by me, as long as it is something useful.

More bleed damage? or damage resistance?

It happens without Regen Penalty, it’s just easier to notice when it’s enabled due to the health regen speed decrease.

I’d bring back max health, but a more stupid suggestion of mine would be damage feedback to get the ultimate back even faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Max health is still there. I think you mean health regen speed Jack used to have?

As for crazy ideas, how about a Zapper arcing perk? Each level, the zapper jumps an extra target.


Well then delete max health and bring back health regen. It’s a better perk and only used on like 3 classes?

Zapper arcing could be cool, but I don’t expect to get anything that isn’t already in-game.

Force lightning would be great


I like the way you think :slight_smile:

Well, if we get technical that function exists in campaign.

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True, but swapping out a perk table entry might be less time consuming than creating new 10 steps for a somewhat new perk.

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Well this I certainly don’t disagree with.

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Its been broken longer than that. It’s never worked

Repair cost or healing speed pls *fingers crossed*

Give jack a barrier that you can increase the strength of each upgrade or the ability to make players invisible for a short period of time and each upgrade makes the affect last longer. Can be used as the zapper to initiate the invisibility for team mates but still zap enemies.

The Zap arc is a nice idea with it’s ability to jump between enemies if they are close together.

The ability to automatically mark enemies once in a certain distances from them. Level up the ability to increase the range


Jack now has Health Regen as of Drop 2 of op 8



Adding this to my list of changes/fixes that didn’t make the patch notes.

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So where’s the list lol

Haven’t posted it yet, wating for a few days and taking note of changes the community posts about :slight_smile:

Game mode names while voting in a social game is fixed.

AIs no longer rage quit when downed by a Lambent explosion in Horde.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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