Jack's Speed perk has been broken since OP5

As the title says. The Speed perk hasn’t worked for ages for Jack. Ever since OP5 dropped, I noticed upgrading this perk didn’t lead to the same feel of “responsiveness” when flying around. Only until last night I decided to actually test this.

In this GIF, you can see how it takes the exact same amount of time (3.13s) to reach the opposite wall by boosting, regardless of the perk being at 0 or 10.

@TC_MichaelAOS Could we please get a fix before updates seize to roll out?


Speed perk only effects movement when carrying fortifications, it does not affect jacks movement outside that. As far as I know, it is intended to be this way.


I’m pretty sure this perk never worked, and Jack’s “sprint” barely gives him extra speed anyway so it’s safer to just float around since you keep your cloak.

Healing beam is still broken as well btw.

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That’s odd. It used to affect movement at all times. I don’t recall seeing any mention of this change in patch notes either.

The thing is, it used to work perfectly. Before the launch of OP5 made it the way it is now.

I play since OP1 and I really do not recall the perk ever working for me.

I play since OP1 as well. The perk worked before. I could look around for some old Jack gameplay to see if anyone has recordings with the perk upgraded.

EDIT: Found only video where the player maxed out his speed. The video is from OP1. Hard to tell if it is doing anything from just watching it.

Still, I am pretty sure at some point the perk worked, and then it stopped working. It was very noticeable when dodging. Regardless, the perk should do what it says it does.

It did when moving fortifications.

I can honestly say it never affected anything other than my movement speed with fortifications.

I think it was brought up in a dev stream, but im not 100%.

Wait what? That’s dog ■■■■ if true I never knew this was the case.

I’m not 100%. For all I know if it was on a dev stream, dana made the whole thing up just to throw out an answer lol. I do remember a little about it coming up in one of the dev streams, but I may very well be wrong.

Curiosity time. How is it broken?

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If it is true ill be pissed. I use to perk speed up every time.

I have noticed this as well. Have to wait for a team mate to get shot again for the beam to work properly, otherwise, their healthbar just stutters when trying to heal them.


Like I said in that post I am also very sure this impacts most healing methods that aren’t “forced” like Soothing Warmth or Thrill of the Hunt. For example Protector’s heal-on-bleed-damage probably suffers from this. Of course in that case it’s kinda hard to notice due to the nature of a melee class where you get shot a lot while regenerating at the same time, and his passive will regen your health to full before natural regen kicks in.
Actually I think even Blademaster’s health-on-melee-kill passive can be affected by this, so someone out there probably went down to a Juvie due to some bad timing and the bug.

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Huh I had no idea that happened. Of course I have only ever used the healing beam on DBNO players lol.

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It’d be more dangerous than anything to have Jack moving much faster, especially on higher difficulties.

Wym? Even if this is intended the perk should be renamed so people know what it’s actually for.

Btw is this the same at 30%?

This is no excuse for having a perk broken or its description to be misleading. Should it be fixed to provide a speed buff, it would be not much different from what we have right now in terms of “danger” since the boost is almost never used in the first place and you cloak normally. I am quite sure at some point the perk functioned properly, and I can’t say it ever put me in any danger.

Renamed or fixed. Either would be fine by me. Misleading players into thinking it does more than it actually does is not good.

The perk does nothing to increase movement speed for Jack at any level. It is a waste of power.


Thanks for the report. I will try and fix it. It’s likely we will have to replace the perk with something else.


This is the more game breaking bug, and should have higher priority to fix than the speed perk imo.

Happens very often but seems to mostly just happen when Regeneration Penalty is the modifier I think? Anyone know? And that modifier is a default one.