Jacks refill ammo while carrying a gun perk?

Does this perk work? You can’t exactly tell while playing as Jack. I’ve heard some people say it’s bugged. Is the refill even worth it over a weapons locker?
I don’t have all the perks yet but right now I think on my Jack I’m running
+healing reach
+smelting bonus
+repair speed
+Hijacked targets have more health

I don’t see much reason to swap out something for ammo fill on carry. I don’t care about my tasers damage because it sucks even at low ranks. I use it to stun lock important targets. Only thing I’m thinking about changing is switch out hijack health for self destruct.

If it’s anything like the ammo regen perk on the other characters, then it probably isn’t worth it… I was so bummed when I maxed that out only to see ammo fill at a snail pace…

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