Jack's Rampage bleed skill card, how is it calculated? It does not seem very strong esp on certain enemies

I recently got this card and assumed it was % of damage dealt but it clearly isn’t.

An example my card lv is currently 30% bleed damage, and with a claw elite drone you can do 1750 damage with a active headshot, which is really good damage but that gives only 52 bleed damage which is near nothing and from a non active body shot dealing around 650 damage it is 42 bleed damage.

I am not sure on the base stats of the claw but is it possible that the bleed damage is calculated by % of the base weapon with no perks or upgrades.

From my experience its not too much more effective and does not change how hijack is only worth using on certain enemies, claw elite drone and mulcher scion mainly.

Am I missing something? Is there some trick to make it really good as I Have seen a few jack players rack up millions in damage quite consistently before and thought it maybe due to the bleed card but now I am not sure it is.

This is on Inconceivable difficulty.

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Sometimes there’s a jack damage glitch where you do millions more damage then you really are.

Highest I have seen with that is 7 million. The drone I hijacked got frozen before I made him explode.

That card is not useful,you can’t do much more damage in 20-30 seconds of hijacking,a mulcher scion,claw drone or a pouncer do enough damage without bleeding.

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Actual damage or is it just a visual high damage number that you did not inflict?

Visual bug, I doubt anyone could possibly get nearly 7 million damage on an early wave of Jingle Juvies having hijacked one, especially not on Advanced.


How are you getting 1750 damage? Whenever I hijack anything I’m always dealing damage equivalent to a Red Shirt. I’ve Hijacked a DR-1 Protector and must’ve fired at least 20 Overkill shots into a Scion and barely got him to half hp on Master

Some enemies do terrible damage and are not worth going for. Usually, main enemies you should bother with are Hammerburst and Claw Drones, Mulcher Scions and the like. Salvo DR-1s can also work.

Anything that isn’t a Mulcher Scion seems to do ■■■■ all in terms of damage, and Mulchers very rarely spawn. I almost never bother hijacking unless I need to explode 1 high threat target, even then the explosive damage tickles nearby enemies on the later waves. What % is that card supposed to deal anyway? HP or weapon damage because it doesn’t do much

Claw Drones are devastating, but you do need to go for headshots with them to get anything notable out of them. Otherwise you are just using an inferior Mulcher Scion with more mobility. But I’ve seen people make decent use out of various enemies when hijacked.

And for the Rampage and Backstab %, I’ve no idea to be honest.

This was on a claw elite drone, active reload head shot at close range. The damage for hijacked enemies seems completely messed up for example a trishot dr1 only does around 100 damage per shot.