jACKs Level 19 and mechanic s former del lVL 19 leGendery skillcards Not uNLoCkS

Hi i got jack and del to character lvl 20 b4 your 17th nov 2020 UPDATE Now LVL 19 rAGE SKILLCARD FOR JACK AND BLEEDING SHRAPNELL FOR DEL I CANT USE LOCKED LIKE IM UNDER LVL 19 help tc and thanks

Relaunch your game if you haven’t already.

Wont work locked unusable since 2 weeks

Could try submitting a ticket.

I have the same issue with Demolitions Level 19 Legendary Bullet Boost. I had Level 20 JD before Operation 5 update. It must suck for you since Rampage is a nice card on Jack. So my suspicions seem to be on point. I made a thread in this, like a week or two ago.

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