Jack's healing in hoard

Just a quick question. When I use Jacks healing in hoard, is it using up power? I can never really tell with the power constantly fluctuating in hoard, and I don’t want to use up any unnecessary power from my team.

It doesn’t use power.

If you are holding LT to heal team mates and press B, then it gives power.

Healing fortifications spends power on them.

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Ok thank you!!! I wasn’t too sure cause the beam itself is yellow like the power :rofl:. I’ll definitely be using more often now.

I have unfortunately had the experience of Jacks laser ceasing to work after I get out of a hijack, repair and healing still works though. This happens every time I hijack. I have to get killed to get the ability back. Anyone else had this happen to them?

it happens when u try to heal a Teammate when they are near a fortification you wind up repairing instead of healing maneuver Jack in a way where you can only see the player in front of you