Jack's Dual Personality

I was switching between Jack and Veteran, match started and Jack became glitched. Matched started and Jack was carrying a Lancer. I could Veteran control and fire Lancer. It was funny. Anyone else have this happen?

That still works? I thought that was fixed.

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If you play Jack enough, it still happens occasionally

This was a very common bug in the first time Classic Horde was released in Gears 5.
Jack always got a Lancer and a Gnasher and could use both.


If you are loading into a active horde match and switch to another class from Jack then back to Jack from selecting him the the character customization menu. If no one loads in as you enter the match. One of two things will happen you either come in as a person with no weapons because you are the jack class but not actually jack. Or you spawn in as Jack the character but as a different class I’ve done it as an infiltrator Jack and it’s beautiful. You need some lag delay though to get it working

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