Jackpot! 💰

I do not appreciate that I had to search for context :neutral_face: That being said, this is sick. Last time this happened I got a 2 star when I rerolled lol

Enjoy it because tomorrow will be all one stars LoL.

I don’t think I’ll have Boost tomorrow anyway.

is free boost finished tomorrow?

Should be.

Yeah but are you lucky enough to log in and get THREE 2 stars??? :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

What that sucks I thought boost was supposed to go for two weeks. Ah well nice well it lasted I guess.

I should seriously start doing these.

It’s been two weeks since it started.

Try 4. Legend 180 something, 160 coins. 7 pm and I couldn’t even rank up once for an extra 750 coins.

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Sorry bud, the subtle brag window closed at 1:00am EST.

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