Jack Zapper glitch and forcing Xbox players to have chat enabled by default

There is a glitch that I have experienced occasionally where my zapper will break. It does zero damage but does cause enemies to get stunned if I use it on them. The beam does not appear and I can stun them forever but do zero damage. I think the glitch has something to do with moving fortifications? That’s the only cause I can think of. To fix this I need to die and respawn which leads me to the second part of the title.

I cannot message 4 people over xbox live using a controller to explain this all at once. Why isn’t chat enabled by default on xbox one? So many new players clearly don’t have it enabled. Now I know if it was enabled by default the average IQ of a chatter will drop to double digits however that is the sacrifice I am willing to make if it means I am able to communicate with them by default. Every time I see a PC teammate I’m happy because not only do they usually aim better with KBM but 99.9% of the time they will also have the chat on as I imagine it is part of their default settings.

Please fix the Jack issue regardless of your stance of default settings.


M-muh safer environment - also, have you seen our newest middlefinger-emote?

t. TC


But the game is like 18+ right? Safe from what lmao. Also are they basically inadvertantly saying Xbox users are toxic af? Kinda true but mainly on turbo mainstream games like COD afaik.

To protect new players from being called trash, n00b, idiots, useless, etc, etc… It’s all about increasing player base, and protecting the gentle sensitivities of those from the harsh reality of Gears toxic player base :grin:

Lol, i frequently play engie in Horde. I will tell people “perk away, dont need to deposit anymore, until you are perked up” via text chat. If people keep depositing after that, i call that text chat tax, haha.


Mean words over the internet.

Kinda, while also fueling the fire with certain emotes/bloodsprays.


Ah yes, disable chat by default so instead of calling people “bad” or the like, they use bloodsprays of the bird instead.



You know you can play on PC with a controller right and vice versa

Yes but I would assume (perhaps wrongly) that PC players usually play on KBM. Either way communication is more powerful in a lot of instances imo.

Would be cool if chat wasn’t broken for most players so that we could actually use it. But no one knows how to reproduce the issue so TC can’t fix it.


You will even get banned from the forum if you quote pretty much anything from the game since every character swears like a sailor.

Also have you never played this game before?

For almost 2 years on screen chat was on by default and every versus match was 3/5 of a team playing while the other two stood there typing and defending their toddler dissertations with controllers for 20 minutes.

I gladly keep it off to not have my view cluttered with a bunch of gibberish every game.
I stay in private parties with friends for escape and horde.

I’ve been playing since halfway through OP 7. If that’s happening so often that it’s a problem take your horde/escape friends and party up lol. Communication in Horde/Escape is key on some maps on harder difficulties. At least you’re in private lobbies so it doesn’t effect anyone else.
Edit: Also I played some FFAs where people were ■■■■■■■■ in chat but that just made the kills easier lol

Nice GIF.

I’m stealing it.

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