Jack upgrade glitch/bug

when playing as jack we are unable to upgrade the abilities. It doesn’t even show the icons on the left side in his upgrade menu.


I have personally had that bug and have logged it.

A number of impacted users have also posted on the forums.


I searched for it but nothing came up. It’s really the only reason I actually posted my own inquiry.

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Unfortunately a bunch of people have gotten this glitch. I had this issue fixed by returning to lobby and having someone play as Jack. I don’t know if that will fix for everyone.

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See that’s the problem. It’s fine when I’m playing solo but when my wife plays a jack (I have no idea why she loves playing jack) she has this issue.

Thanks for the quick reply though. Maybe the next update will address this.

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Lets hope so :slight_smile:

Here is an image for the record.

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Yeah looks like mine (I took a short video and uploaded it)

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This is happening to me right now as well. I am playing with a couple of friends. One is the host. We took turns playing as Jack through all the chapters. Now we are on Act 4,and I switched to Jack, but all I’m getting is the screenshot you posted, but if the host loads up as Jack, he has all his upgrades and can see everything. I can’t believe this. It’s surreal. If this glitch can’t be corrected, that means I’ll have to run through ALLLLLLLLL those side missions and collect all 384423201838 components for Jack again on my own just to be on the safe side. Why did you even put so many ■■■■■■■ components in the game in the first place?? Should’ve been something simple like maybe 25-30 components. Nearly 300 was overkill and it shows.

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host play as jack in co-op story mode.

Me my brother and my girlfriend having the same problem

Happened to me as well. Not only that, but when playing co-op campaign with a friend, Jack’s upgrade interface was not closing after it forced me to open it when obtaining a new ability. Had to restart several times.

not really at all. Yesterday im playing with friends. and we cannot immprove jack. So we returned to main menu and another friend use Jack and we have the same result.

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and fix the problem???

I’m sorry that didn’t fix it for you.

I’m having the same problem with this bug. The host is an Xbox player and I’m a PC player and I have always been unable to access the Jack upgrades, I figured it was only a host thing. In Act 2 Chapter 1, we grabt eh next jack upgrade and it tells us to upgrade jack tot he shock trap but I’m unable to do ANYTHING. everything is grayed and I can’t exit the menu even if the host upgrades Jack.

Exhibit A

Im PC, host is XBOX. same issue since this morning only. I hope this can be resolved as I have never had this issue with anyone else since this morning.

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I submitted a ticket a couple days ago for this and it is extremely frustrating. Tried the switch with the host and it did not work. The Coalition needs to get on this one pretty quick. My friends and I lost progress in Act 3 chapter one because of it as well. Still have all the collectibles but got restarted at the beginning of it.


Just as a record I had the same issue yesterday with a friend, he was the host.
I’m playing via Steam and he is on Xbox One